Friday, September 23, 2005

The Truth about PETA

A lot of you know that I removed PETA from my website once I found out the truth about the PETA organization. I once too, believed they were protecting and defending animals.
When Ontario was first proposing Bill 132 regarding the BSL on Pit bulls, I emailed PETA for their help. I wondered why I never received a response, until I found out "PETA supported the BSL on Pit bulls and other potentially dangerous breeds."
That's when it was time to do some research on an organization that I THOUGHT was full of compassion for animals. I didn't realize then what extremest they were and what their platform on animal rights involved. I was horrified and shocked.
I also wonder if my partner when we had the animal rescue, was approached by one of their members, here in Canada as now this makes sense. We were trying to shut down a puppy mill, that not only harboured dogs, but also cats, horses, livestock and wild animals. We were told by the Humane Society, Animal Care (at that time called Animal Care and Control) and the Ministry of Natural Resources, that they too had been working for years trying to shut this elderly farmer down. He was always one step a head of them and everything just within the boundaries when he knew they were coming.
My partner met a man that told her he could help us shut down this place, but said we must hold a private meeting with the three of us and everything must be kept secret, even to the point of me not telling my husband.
During the private meeting he told us he would only go by his first name, which now I don't remember and is unimportant. He told us he was an American and that he had shut down many puppymills in the states. We never expected to hear what he next proposed and wanted our concent for.
He wanted to bomb the farm, killing the farmer, which naturally would most likely kill most or all the animals kept there also. A proposal so outrages that as much as I wanted the puppymill shut down, was against murder in any form.
I was appalled at his proposal and gave him a flat NO!
He tried to sway my partner telling her it was to stop this man from furthering hurting any more animals. The old man was already in his late 70's.
He phoned her one more time and she told him neither of us agreed with his tactics nor would give our consent. That was the last we ever heard from this mysterious stranger. Now I wonder if he was from one of these extreme groups. Penn and Teller are obviously not big PETA fans either. The video is long and if you are easily offended by bad, colorful language, be warned NOT to open this link. The truth about PETA.


Amstaffie said...

Wow. That was really interesting. I knew that PETA was a hipocritical animal rights, but that brought it to a reality.

Conners said...

To think about all the people that still support them thinking they are doing good is even scarier!

Blue said...

You're letting freaking Penn and Teller change your beliefs? Yeah, that's smart.

Conners said...

Penn and Teller did NOT change my beliefs. I knew about this for quite a few months now. I just happened upon this video recently and decided to put it up on my blog.
My website commented on the PETA scam when it was first found out and even then, I did not go blindly agreeing with what I heard, I did research and the truth was before me, so there was no more denying it.
NOBODY was more shocked than me as I was a true believer of them. Do you honestly think that when you first hear something you jump on the bandwagon? THAT'S NOT ME! I research until I see all the evidence abd with this evidence, there was NO denying it.