Monday, September 12, 2005

Pit Bull Owners To Speak Up!

Monday, September 12, 2005
London pit bull owners get their say tonight about a proposed crackdown on them and their pets.City council's environment and transportation committee will hear presentations from the public on a proposed new pit bull licensing bylaw."I expect we'll hear a lot from people who oppose the pit bull ban," said Coun. Fred Tranquilli, chairperson of the committee."But, hopefully, those people will realize we're trying to help them by allowing them to register their pit bulls. We've already decided we don't support breed specific legislation, but we have to respect the provincial legislation."The new city initiatives recommend tougher controls for pit bulls and harsh penalties for irresponsible pit bull owners.The tougher controls include higher licence fees, a requirement for $1-million liability insurance, fines up to $500 for bylaw violations and a warning sign at the entrance to the owner's property.The bylaw follows provincial legislation that came into effect Aug. 29 banning pit bulls. People who already own pit bulls are exempt, provided the dogs are sterilized, leashed and muzzled.The city is also proposing a policy to pursue the maximum court sentence -- a $10,000 fine and six months in jail -- under the Dog Owners' Liability Act for owners of pit bulls that bite a person or domestic animal.


Amstaffie said...

Tranquilli.... "help pitbull owners"??? Is he on CRACK?????

OK Conners.... come on, talk to us, how did it go yesterday?????

Conners said...

I was sooo drained mentally and physically from yesterday knowing it was our one and only big chance, as I think many of us were.
There were four council members and once we all had our chance to speak, it was then their turn to speak based on what they had heard.
Once council member who was in support of the proposed bylaw told us he was so moved by our passion and information that he has changed his position to being against the bylaw.
The other 3 all said they needed to re-evaluate what they had heard as many arguement against the proposed bylaw needed more thorough looking into. All agreed and second the motion that the proposed bylaw as it stood needed to be looked into more closely. We were commended for the excellence of our speeches and invited to come back to a closed door meeting in 2 weeks by Fred Tranquilli himself.
I would have to say, without actually knowing the outcome as yet, WE WERE GREAT!!! I'm confident to say, we touched many of hidden and hardened hearts. A couple people told me while I spoke, there were about 5 people crying in the balcony. Others at the Speakers circle were in tears too and best of all, They saw Fred Tranquilli literally wipe a tear from his eye even though he tried to do it non-conspicuously.
The woman after me had a hard to starting and I thought it was due to stage fright. Later she told me I was a hard act to follow and she was trying to compose herself from my speech.
I talked from the heart and shared very personal information in my speech and spoke out for myself and other with health problems and disabilities.
I've never been hugged by so many people that I've never met before and told, Good speech by so many.
Naturally all of us from the bow wow pow wow did big group hugs together and congratulated everyone as the reason for that gathering was so everything wasn't re-repeated and we were able to get out all the information.
I would suggest to any group that need to fight against a ban or anything else, try to get together. Go over the prepared speeches and decide who will keep what as others elminate theirs. That way you all voice your concerns in a short period of time and know you have everything covered.
And one more thing...when we were fighting the Provincial ban, we fought with statistics and facts.
Did the victims of dog attacks fight with statistics? NO! The fought with their hearts and souls for what they felt.
Well, we were fighting as a last ditch effort to save our dogs. Yes, some spoke of statistics, but in all the speeches one thing that all of us had was passion. Some even said they would move themselves out of the city along with their businesses and hang their heads in shame of London. It was a VERY emmotional day for all of us and we are sure we found the heart of the councillers.
We'll find out how much so in 2 weeks.
Above you will read what the newspapers wrote here in London.
I need a couple of days to relax prior to going back to the fight with amendmends to the Provincial law. I'm exhausted, but feeling quite positive as we all do. 2 weeks will tell.