Thursday, September 15, 2005

Taking a short break for myself and Shasta

It's been a long, hard fight, physically and emotionally. My body may be tired, but my spirit is up so high. We did! We did GREAT at City Hall. We gave 150% and I know we've made an impact.
What they decide is still unsure, but we have been invited back to a closed door meeting at City Hall in 2 weeks to see what changes have been made. Knowing we brought one council member out of 4 to our side is a victory in itself. The other 3 all agreed they needed to look into this a lot further as we brought up a lot of valid issues they had not considered.
So these few days, Shasta and I will take to taking it easy and just relax.
I found out one other thing. Muzzling does not come into effect until Oct. 28th, so I can take her out and wean it on her slowly now.
I'm tired and going to bed early.
Good nite all!


Kitty said...

Was this the meeting that was spoken about here: ? I mean really which ever meeting it was I am so glad to see that some people are having a change of heart or more so working with us then against us to find the real issue instead of knee jerk reactions of killing our beloved dogs. Thanks for taking the time to do this. I am sure owners everywhere appreciate it.

Conners said...

This was the London Pit bull proposal at City Hall Kitty. Our stand did make a difference, but I won't know what they will be until the closed door meeting I plan on attending and of course I will post it on here.

Kitty said...

I will continue to watch your blog for updates. Thanks for the reply. And more so good luck.

<3 Kitty

Kitty said...
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Conners said...

Thanks Kitty. As you've probably noticed from the above posts, I'm taking a much needed break from fighting since we have a bit of a quiet right now. Meaning...waiting!
So, needless to say, Shasta and I are trying to enjoy ourselves before our world goes topsy twirley.
I also have a website that you can learn more about the Ontario Pit bull ban @
This is just a little piece of the info I put out.