Monday, September 12, 2005

Becoming RESPONSIBLE After the Fact doesn't Work!

Why do they wait until after the fact, is what I'd like to know when an owner decides to take responsibility? In the Palm Beach Post Rocky's owners decide to get him nuetered and training by a behaviourlist, but only after he has attacked another dog. Then they wonder why people are on a witch hunt for 'bully dogs'.
Know and understand the facts of raising a pit bull before buying into the breed! Know the facts before buying ANY breed!
Why was Rocky allowed to roam is my other question?
This could have been avoided if the owner and her son were aware of the facts. Yes, Rocky is a great family pet that sleeps with the cats and the pet pomeranian, but if a dog on the street aggrevates him, he's not going to back down.
Now the other owners of pit bulls have to walk carefully due to one dog that wasn't educated until it was too late. Two year old Rocky, should have been fixed between 5 to 6 months. Most bites and attacks come from unaltered male dogs. The later you alter your dog, the more difficult it is to alter his personality. You can't alter a 7 or 8 year old male that is dog, male aggressive and expect that will change his personality. By that time his personality is already developed and the only way to mend that is through senstization with a good dog therapist, by why let it go that far? Why not start as soon as you get the pup?
Then these same owners state, well Rocky was always sweet to all our pets! It's incidences like this that continue to ban the dogs, good and bad. And who suffers in the end? All the responsible owners of the breeds and their dogs due to one careless one that didn't have enough sense to start from day one of doing what they should have done.
Goodyear and her son should have done their homework. She said from the beginning she was leary. Well, you idiot, by yourself a good book on the breed and READ it!
My other question that came to mind was, why wasn't Rocky fixed? Was the son considering to backyard breed the dog to make a few bucks? If I was that mother of that son, I would have told him, you find out all there is to know about the breed and you definately must have him fixed by 5 to 6 months old.
Was he only socialized with the family pets? So many questions, yet you won't get them by reading an article. Goodyear made a mistake...a BIG mistake, and because of that mistake the town yells BAN! One mistake and the other owners have to try to explain, but we are responsible. Then the fight with the town locals begin. People like Goodyear, with her and her sons lack of knowledge has started the ball rolling.
There are so many dogs that need to be saved. So many animal lovers will try to save them by adopting them. I say GOOD FOR YOU...but PLEASE, do the proper thing and read up on the breed so the rest of us don't have to suffer due to your lack of knowledge.
Take it from me. My Province has banned the breed and my only salvation is the Grandfather Clause to keep my Shasta. After her, there will be no more pit bulls I will ever own as long as I live in Ontario. Don't spread this disease...STOP IT! It only takes a little reading and knowledge on your part.


Amstaffie said...

You're exactly right. All it takes is a little bit of reading to learn how to handle a bully dog. And yes, they can be quite bull headed. Goodyear should be fined for her ignorance, why was he roaming free? But unfortunately people jump to the first knee-jerk reaction of "banning". It's not going to work.

I was told Saturday that California was trying to ban pits and govenor Arnold Swartzenagger (sp?) was expected to sign. :(

Conners said...

In our todays agenda at City Hall, Attorney General michael Bryant quoted from his press conferance Oct 15th, 2004
Question: Minister, there's a breed of dog called a "bull terrier", Don Cherry's dog Blue or Spud McKenzie.
Just because they have the name "bull terrier", are you going after them too?"
Answer: "No, no. The bull terrier is not capturd. It is not a pit bull. Boxers are ugly dogs too [laughter], I boxed for years, so I can say that and I'm sho it right now. So no, Don Cherry's dog is safe. Which means I am too [laughter]."
Cherry is a high up sports caster, well know for his voice in Hockey Night in Canada.
Also, the Englis Bull Terrier is distintive from all other breeds of dog in the shape of it's head, which features an egg shaped nose nose. In fact, cartoonist Charles Shultz moddled the character "Snoopy" after his gardener's Bull terrier puppy. The ears of an adult bull terrier are erect; however, as puppies they droop like Snoppy's. Please do not allow London to become known as "The Town that Banned Snoopy".
It's comments like this they listen to. Why? Because they are celebratities and visit London quie often. Well, we reposible owners can say the same thing, but who are we? Just your everyday Joe with now clout. Are Bull terrier's banned? The don't seem to be on the list. Does this seem fair? NO! But again, non of the dogs belong on the list. Cut out the breed specific and and go by a Dangerous Dog Act registry of ALL dogs! Put the enphacist on the irresponsible owners and you will find the reoffending dangerous dogs. Nail that irresponsible owner to the wall and remove his dogs from him. Just 'maybe' they can be unconditioned and could be leading happy, fun lives.