Saturday, September 17, 2005

Conners and Shasta's Retreat

Perhaps St. Johns Ambalance Dog Therapy Program missed out on taking us once Bill 132 was first proposed all because of her breed, but today Shasta brought smiles and endearment to a Seniors Home in a small town out of London. My girlfriend thought we needed a break from everything and invited us to come to her place for the night and our dogs could play with one another.
Today she said she planned a surprise for me and Shasta. That's when she took her dog, and Shasta and I to the Seniors Home there. It felt so good and natural being amongst the seniors and Shasta was so calm and well behaved. One man in peticular laid claim to her and wouldn't give up her leash until we finally said our good byes, but I promised him we would come back and visit with him again.

But our day wasn't over, we then stopped by a friends of hers and being the animal lover that I am, snapped some mor pics.

Well, just as you think your day couldn't get any better, she asked her friend if there were any horseback riders out in his acres and acres of bush. He didn't anticipate having any until evening, so away we drove far into the bush.
Since it was private property and miles from anywhere, Shasta had no need for her leash. Her and Lucy had a blast! I loved watching Shasta have the freedom that she so scarsely gets. Lucy on the other hand was old hat to this and knew her way around. The two had a great time running around in the bush.


Amstaffie said...

What a great day you had. I think that is awesome that you got to take Shasta to the Seniors home. As I was reading on, the animal rescue that saved Gypsy, that they took Gypsy and a few other furry friends to a Senior home that my g-maw lived in for a year or so before she passed. The pictures so the people so happy holding the animals. My granny would have loved it too had she still been with us. She had a cat named Zeke and a little black dog named Maggie. I just think that is too cool that Shasta could share some joy to those Seniors.

Conners said...

When we were inside, she never lost her manners by jumping up on people or beds. She just sat nicely beside them enjoying their company.
Naturally it brings back fond memories of their past and they live the visits from people visitors too.
So many smiles as we entered saying 'Puppies!' You could tell which one wanted contact with the dogs as to which ones didn't say anything, therefore we didn't go to them.
It was like a dream come true, even if it was only for a few short hours.
Perhaps their are Seior Homes in London not ruled by specific companies such as the SJADTP. That would be sooo neat to find one close by.