Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Bill 132 CRUSHED my dream, but drew us all closer together!

This totally felt so natural; seniors and terminally ill kids with Shasta and I by their sides. I felt so fulfilled this day as not only did Shasta and I bring smiles to the seniors, but them to us as well.
The man I was speaking to was the town dog catcher in his time. He knew a good, calm and well trained dog and said Shasta was a natural. I knew that, but it felt good to hear it from someone else. Especially one that recognized dogs from years of experience.
I couldn't help to fall in love with this man. The other people were very sweet too, but as you can see, Shasta and I spent more time with him then the others. Probably because he had my Shasta. LOL

But then again, my other passion is the animals. I made more friends that day.

But, I wasn't the only one in good company. Shasta quite enjoyed her company with Lucy.

If only all this calm could stay. Seems like it did before the media was screaming, 'Pit bull Attacks!' If only we could turn back time and life was as it was... before the responsible owners and innocent, loving dogs became targeted by the province.
But then again...a man named Michael Bryant was making a name for himself...and unfortunately, he surely did that. He even took his fight to the States to show them what a BIG man he is. He WILL fall! He MUST fall!
Will we ever rectify this wrong? I'm sure in time we will; unfortunately for some dogs and some owners that would have come too late.
What the government didn't expect, was that dog lovers across the globe would become united in their fights and that we all help each other in this time. No longer is this a provincial fight; nor a Denver fight; nor even a Neitherlands fight. This is a world-wide fight where we all have come to fight this together.


Amstaffie said...

The more pics I see of Shasta, the more beautiful she is. Just look at that bottom pic of her with Lucy. She is so shiney, her color is so pretty. A very beautiful girl!!

Conners said...

Thank you Andee. I think we both have beauties and I'm not saying that because we are friends. Their personalities as well as their looks shine.
Shasta's coat does shine and depending how she stands or sits, it changes.
When the vet checked her out, he asked what kind of food did I have her on. I felt guilty because she wasn't on the most expensive. Matter of fact, it is one of the lower costing food by Purina Dog Chow. When I told the vet I planned on changing her to a higher quality food, he asked me why would I do that? He said, just look at her and her coat! Why would you want to change her off something that is definately working for her? He then told me Purina was a good product and if he was me, he wouldn't change her.
That made me feel good as it is within my budget and you know, her coat has always looked great.
Thank you for the wonderful compliment. I love my baby getting compliments. *hugs*

Amstaffie said...

If the food works for her, that's great & you're the lucky one!! Unfortunately my little Boston Terrier, Delilah, she has really bad allergies & is allergic to a lot of stuff in dog food... it's crazy. That's why we have to give her medicine every day.

Conners said...

Poor Delilah! You know, I never thought about it before this, but I never thought about asking you what your 2 Boston Terriers names are. Now I feel bad! What is the others name?
I had a cat that needed to be on a special diet because of a condition he had. I know it can become costly and you feel bad for the poor animal because it can't just be treated like the others.
I like to think of them as 'special'! :)
How about Storm and the other one I forgot to ask it's name. BAD AUNTIE!!! BAD! BAD!