Friday, November 04, 2005

A slap on the wrist for 'perverted' crime

This story is so disturbing that I will only release the news article from the Toronto Sun and you can choose for yourself if you'd choose to read it.

In the wake of Attorney General Michael Bryant's controversial and headline-grabbing legislation earlier this year that put the muzzle to pit bulls, one would think the appeal Crowns under his command would jump on any criminal case where the breed played a particularly ugly role and the dog's handler got off lightly in the courts.
But apparently not.
From this point onward, parental guidance is advised.


IndyPindy said...

Humans just make no sense. It wasn't the dog's fault, it was the GIRL's fault!

A few months ago, someone in the rescue group sent an email about a mentally disturbed 15 year old boy who raped a dog...the dog died of its internal injuries.

I can't understand the judge's callousness toward what this boy went through. What a pig. Sexual assualt is sexual assualt.

Conners said...

I totally agree Indy. The girl in this story was old enough to know right from wrong. She FORCED the boy in position pretending it was a joke, yet as the boy screamed and cried, didn't stop the perverted act, but told him to 'keep it a secret'. She knew all along what she was doing.
Most times, this is the way serial rapests and murderers get started, which leads to more advanced cimes.
At 16, you are old enough to babysit, so I don't understand why they are pinning the blame on the owner.
The owner 'thought' he was getting a responsible, dog loving girl in to take care of the dog while away. He also told her not to bring anyone over.
It appears to me, the girl was setting up this young boy from the start. This girl NEEDS MENTAL HELP!
The poor boy! I can't even amagine the horror that will stay with him for the rest of his life. Yes he was raped by a dog, but who inniciated that rape...certainly NOT the dog! The girl had full control in this situation.
I hope the boys family members keep this going until the girl no longer falls under the young offenders act and then give her the penalty she justly deserves. She's obviously SICK. Karla Homoka started off in a simular way and she became Canada's notorious sex offender and murderer.
Michael Bryant stuck his nose in that case too. Is he afraid he has started something evil and staying clear?
If I were to shoot you, who is to blame? Me or the gun? The pit bull (as with any horney dog if permitted I would imagine) only did what the girl put before him. *sic*
Sounds to me the girl is on her way to a sick, perverted life and who knows if this is her first time. This is how many serial raposts and murders get started using animals.
I did research on this and have it up in my web site ay Conners Wonderland on Animal Abuse and Serial killers.
This 'girl' will go on to bigger and more dangerous path if not stopped.
This is such a horrid crime to the poor boy, but put the blame to where it should go. The GIRL!

BYW...The 'Honey Story' you have up made it to our news yesterday.

Amstaffie said...

Wow, there really are some sick people out there. That is utterly disgusting. I'm sure that girl wouldn't want someone putting themselves or a dog on her. If she's thinking stuff like that at that young of an age, what is she going to be doing when she's considered an "adult"??? Scary.

Conners said...

I totally agree with you Andee.
This girl NEEDS help for her bizarre, perverted actions.
It's the young boy I feel so bad about. How will this effect him for the rest of his life!?
And naturally, the media HAD to put it was a Pit bull, as if you can't trust the breed in anyway.
I don't blame the dog, nor the owner. As far as they owner, I think he took responsiblity ti get someone he 'thought' was reliable and loved his dog.
Danielle babysat many times with both kids and people pets as young as 10. Naturally, I only lived 2 townhouses away at the time incase she needed my hwlp in any way.
But, our Attorney General is NOT protecting the public.
This girl obviously shows signs of M&S tendancies and she shoould be punished and heped before she becomes an adult befor her tendancies become even worse.
I HOPE they don't go affter the Pit bull in this case.
Like Indy said, sick things like this happen and a pup had to be put down because of these sic people.