Wednesday, November 02, 2005

SHAME ON YOU, Michael Bryant!

This is our notorious Michael Bryant. The same Michael Bryant that started this whole BSL on Pit bulls.
Is our Health Minister in hot water? I say, what goes around, comes around. SHAME ON YOU, Michael Bryant!
Leave the Pit bulls alone and stop being such a crook...or would you settle for $500. (CAN) to stop this rediculous Pit bull Ban?

Donations to A-G revealed
A member of an independent panel and the independent counsel in a Canadian Judicial Council proceeding against Justice Paul Cosgrove both donated money last year to Ontario Attorney-General Michael Bryant, who filed the complaint against the judge. Kirby Chown and Earl Cherniak each donated less than $500 to Mr. Bryant's Toronto riding association, according to an Elections Ontario database. The donations were made the same year the complaint was made before the judicial council. The disciplinary process began when Mr. Bryant sent a letter to the judicial council in April, 2004, after an Ontario Court of Appeal decision that criticized Judge Cosgrove for his rulings in a notorious Ottawa murder trial. The appeal court said Judge Cosgrove wrongly made findings of misconduct against police and the Crown. That triggered an automatic inquiry into the judge's conduct.

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