Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sick, but a lots of Positive Possiblities...

I've been glued to the DOLA (Dog Owners Liability Act) on Pit bulls in the Ontario Goverment page, making sure I am going by the matter how stupid it all is. When I read about muzzles, it specifically stated the mouth must be covered, yet the dog should be able to breath properly and drink water.

As much as I did not want to go to the cage muzzle at first, in the long run, they seem to be the safest for the dogs with the least restrictions. It has soft padded leather around the snout so the wire doesn't touch her at all, although a few times she has knocked my leg and I might gain a few bruises from it at first. LOL
I've been keeping it positive and even showing Shasta I can feed her treats through it and that she can drink.
Today I got out her comfort muzzle and her wire muzzle and told her to pick out which one she wanted to go for a walk with. To my amazement, she picked out the wire one. She was all excited as I got her already to go, but once we got outside, I think she decided she may have made a mistake as she kept her head down.
Once on the sidewalk and people coming up to her giving her pats and telling how pretty she was, her head straightened and she became her natural self. I, myself was very confident knowing exactly our rights and ready to tell the first person that approach us nastily. But, it didn't happen. It was either all positive, or nobody said anything negative, nor did I see any discusting looks today. Gee...and I wanted to test out my speal, but glad I didn't have to. LOL
I also bought her a proper harness for pulling wagons and heavy weights. She wanted to bring that too, but I told her she didn't need that for the small amount I was going to get. Because she was so good, I also bought her a $30 ball. You can put water or sand in it if you want, and the man at the store was so surprised at how calm she remained while I tried on muzzles and halters that he gave her a nice size rawhide bone into the bag for being so good.
I did get hold of someone that trains Service training even to Pit bulls. I am waiting for her to call me back to find out exactly what my disabilities are, so she can teach Shasta to my needs. Isn't THAT the greatest! I'm soooo excited! And she would come to my place to train us, since I can't come to her.
I've been battling the flu now for a couple of weeks. With my low immune system, a simple cold could lead into something far more serious. Mostly I've been in bed, but had to push myself to get out of the apartment to do a few things. The funny part is when I am out of the apartment, I DO feel better. Now am really wondering if what my doctor wrote in 2002 about my health deteriorating because of the conditions in my apartment, I have to agree. I'm even considering moving and found a small townhouse with 2 bedrooms and even a small fenced in backyard for Shasta and I to enjoy. It would only cost me $20. more a month and I'd have an extra bedroom, basement, LOTS of storage and best of all the fenced in back yard. Everything is modern and looks brand new. I'm DEFINITELY going to check it out...but first I would like to get Shasta properly trained and certified. That way, I can't be discriminated about when applying for a place. When asked what pets I have, I only have to say the two cats and If I want to, I can add I also have a Service dog, but I don't need to. She would no longer be a pet, but a working dog, although she will always be 'my baby'.
This year I am getting a larger sled as I just used my grandsons sled from when he was a baby and it's hard to fit much on there. My son Michael, built a wagon larger than the kids ones and said I could have it.
I can't wait to get over this flu so we can try everything out. Shasta gets so excited when she knows I'm putting her to work, but now it will be easier and safer for her with the proper harness.
The law did not remove the muzzles for Service Dogs, but I can't think of anything she would need to use her mouth with to help me while outside or in stores. She would be wearing ID with her picture on it stating she is certified and probably a vest that says Service Dog on it, but it's optional if you want them to wear it or not. Because of her breed, I think it would be wise for her to wear it.
OH, but I hope all goes well and she passes. Anyone I've talked to seems to think she will pass with flying colours. 99% of me thinks so too. It sure would make thinks so much easier for me and just think, if I had to attend another City Hall meeting, she could be right there beside me the whole time! This definitely would show people the positive side of the Pit bull breeds.


JuliaR said...

I know what you mean about rehearsing what you want to say and then not getting to say it! But good for you for thinking it out to begin with.

Sometimes, I feel better when I leave the house, not because of the house, but because of the movement of my body walking. Movement makes my wonky sinuses get back to normal and other systems work better too. When you are fighting a virus, you can’t go out for long but I really think it helps in the long run. Good luck with everything - the muzzle, the service dog certification, the apartment, and the virus!

Amstaffie said...

Wow! You've got a lot going on and to look forward to. I bet that Shasta can be the best service dog in Canada!!!! Keep us updated as to how things are going with everything!

PS: Hope you start to feel better soon!

Conners said...

Thanks Julia, the problem with my apartment is 'IT SHOULD BE CONDEMNED!' LOL Honestly though, they say I don't have mold as they can't 'smell' it. Well not all types of molds have scents, but I'm highly allergic to mold and can't even take penisillin unless I want to kill myself. NOT! My doctor wrote them a letter back in 2002, but they don't repair and I continue to go downhill and get weaker.
I've lived here for over 6 years, so naturally, if I moved out, they would reburish the apartment like they did all the others, but not until I move out.
I was thinking of having the newspaper reporters come in and take pictures and write a story, but I can only fight one thing at a time becuz of my health.
I was fighting for my rights and have everything documented and photo-copied, but I'm sick and tired of having to fight everything to get what I deserve. Let them have their apartment and now I know I can do better for an additional $20 a month. That doesn't make me a loser. It makes me smarter.
And yes, Andee and Julia, I think of all the positive things to look forward to and although I'm sick, my spirit isn't. I pray everything works out and that hope makes me feel better and also about showing a positive image of the pit bull breeds. YEA!!!!!!!!

IndyPindy said...

Oh's so sad to have to see you, such a sweet, gentle dog, wearing a muzzle. It's just such a messed up world.

You know...I'm thinking a lot of people had the same reaction that I did when they saw you wearing the cage muzzle - they think, "Oh, that poor thing - she looks so calm and quiet and well behaved...that law isn't fair."

I have faith that you can pass the service dog test, and then you can show everyone how well behaved and talented you are, and how much you help your mom!

Conners said...

I think you are exactly! That's just the reaction we were getting. People saying how rediculous this law is and 'Look at her! She doesn't have a nasty bone in her body!' I'm glad people can see that in her as well as me.
I wish the woman would hurry and call me about the training. I know things take time and she already has many dogs she is working with (one a pit bull at present), and I'm a bit (NO! A LOT impatient) at least until I find out more and when the training will begin.
Shasta finds that new muzzle so much more comfortable, and I don't show her in the mirroe what she looks like which I usually do when I buy her something new. I did buy her a nice warm vest that she loves and a nighty for bed-time, so she got a lot of positive things along with the muzzle.
Picyure her outside, with a sweater with her warm vest, matching boots and her necklaces, I think the muzzle won't be quite as noticeable on the glamour princess. LOL
Oh! And instead of getting better, I'm getting worse, so on Monday I'm going to either the walk-in clinic or the hospitalbecuz I definitely need a strong antibiotic. Everybody that had it, got better after a few days, I'm on my third week and getting worse. It's turned into broncitis now.