Sunday, November 13, 2005

Owner not AWARE that Bill 132 was enforced. BULL SH*T!

With all the talk in the media, TV, newspapers and Pit bull owners receiving letters in the mail, how could anyone NOT know about the Pit bull ban being enforced? People I have met on my walks with Shasta in full gear, yet their dog is only wearing a halti and no tags on. When I ask them aren't they concerned about the safety of their dog, their reply is, 'People think the halti is a muzzle anyway.' I tell them Animal Control and the Humane Society sure know the difference and they are risking the life of their dog. When I tell them they must be wearing their tags when outside at all times, the girl responded, 'I only got the dog 2 days ago and the guy that gave me the dog still has the tags.' I couldn't believe me ears when she asked, 'Do you want to trade dogs?' Something VERY fishy going on, if you ask me.
It's heartbreaking when I speak to people like that or read stories like this one. The fate of their dogs are in the hands of irresponsible owners.
Hopefully for the dogs, I hope things work out alright, but for the owners, NAIL THEM GOOD! Playing dumb when responsible owners are abiding and concerned with all aspects of the Act, does not sit well with us, especially when they are playing with the lives of their dogs.

Pit bull attacks dog
Not wearing muzzle on its outing


A Scarborough family defended their 2-year-old pit bull as a "sweet dog" yesterday after it attacked and caused minor injuries to a neighbour's pooch.
The pit bull, named Copper, wasn't wearing a muzzle when it snapped at the other dog -- because it's owners didn't know Bill 132 had come into effect.
The Public Safety Related to Dogs Statute Law Amendment Act came into effect Aug. 29. The law requires, among other things, that all pit bulls to be muzzled when outside the home.
The grace period ended Oct. 28, meaning dog owners now have no excuse.
Penalties under the act are high, but Toronto Animal Services (TAS) couldn't comment yesterday on the nature of the penalty Copper's family may be facing.
Cherie Ann Day, whose 18-year-old daughter owns the pit bull, said yesterday Copper wasn't muzzled when a family friend named John took the pup out for a walk on Calderstone Cres. near Kingston and Port Union Rds.
"I don't know who's liable -- if it's my daughter or if it's John's responsibility because he was the one who was walking the dog," Day said, noting nobody intended to break the law.
Copper charged the neighbour's pet -- described as a large poodle-type dog -- and clamped on to its nose through an iron fence. Panicked neighbours rushed over and beat Copper until they could pry him off the dog.
Day and her worried family watched with saddened faces as TAS officer Mike Evans escorted Copper to an awaiting van to be taken away to the TAS facility at 821 Progress Rd.
Day and her family fear their dog could be put down. Evans simply said he didn't know if the dog would be destroyed. A decision would likely be made by tomorrow.
"I feel really bad. I was terrified," Day said. "I didn't know what to do. I was yelling at Copper to let go. I don't know why it happened. I was so shocked. People in my house were crying."
At the house where the neighbouring dog lives, the pooch could be heard barking inside but there was no answer at the door.
Day said she hadn't met the family, but her friend John had said the dog suffered puncture marks on its lips and nose, and didn't require professional attention.
She said her daughter, whom she declined to name, would be crushed to see her pet being taken away.
"My daughter, who owns the dog, will be completely devastated," Day said. "She loves Copper to pieces. She sleeps with him every night.
"He's just a sweet dog," she said. "Pit bulls were never my favourite -- I'm a golden retriever girl -- but I grew to love him."


Amstaffie said...

You're right... how could they NOT know??? Even I know & I'm way down here in the States. It's even been on our news.

Ignorance is no excuse. That's like saying... sorry Officer, I didn't know what the speed limit was, therefore, I didn't know I was speeding.

My heart goes out to the poor girl that owns Copper.

Conners said...

Yes, mine does too, but I can't help to be angry with her too. How could she NOT know Bill 132 had passed?
Everytime something came on the news or in the media, my phone would ring off the hook to see if I had heard about it. Naturally, I was way ahead of them, but appreciated the fact they they were concerned for Shasta and I too.
Isn't it the owners obligation to keep up with as much knowledge as you can get when you know your dogs life could be on the line? She definitely heard of Bill 132. Why didn't she follow up on it?
Just as a few of the owners that say they refuse to go by the law as it's stupid. I agree it's stupid, but I would never put Shasta a risk no matter how stupid this law might be. That's why we a fighting for the amendments.
Unfortunitely, people will play dumb when they get caught, so why not be prepared in the first place rather than risk their pet?
I don't want Shasta muzzled. I think it's unfair and we are trying everything we can to keep them socialized becuz of this law, but until it changes, I'm not about to fool around with my beloved Shasta's life, just as I know you would do the same with Storm.
And like you say, here you are in North Carolina and know about the Ontario Pit bull ban, why don't many of the Ontario Owners?
People are risking high fines (up to $10,000 and/or up to 6 months in jail.) But, worse yet, their dogs could be taken and PTS. For that latter reason alone is enough to make me abide with the laws until we can fight the province.
A part of me feels bad for her, but another part of me is angry as hell at her and all the other excuse making owners.

Amstaffie said...

Maybe I mis-read the story... I thought the girl that owned the dog wasn't there. Regardless, they ALL should have known better.

And I too, wouldn't ever put Storm in a situation that I might would lose her... I love her too much to take any chances. I would rather have her alive & muzzled instead of not muzzled & well, you know...

Conners said...

The 18 yr. old girl is the owner of the dog and I bolded this part of the story.
"The pit bull, named Copper, wasn't wearing a muzzle when it snapped at the other dog -- because it's owners didn't know Bill 132 had come into effect."
She wasn't there during the incident, but that doesn't excuse her from not knowing about the law and her dog.
Obviously, no matter who took the dog out, the girl did not have a muzzle for the dog to be put on for anyone to take Copper out. That's the sad part.
The mother doesn't know whether her daughter or John (the guy who was walking Copper), is responsible.
The onis is on the owner, as if anyone decided to take Shasta out for a walk, I would make sure they knew how to put the muzzle on properly and the proper leash and the importance of it, plus let them know the consiquences. As it is, I insist they stoop and scoop or they are not allowed to take her for a walk when I am down for the count.

IndyPindy said... I guess since the ban wasn't actually passed, this family couldn't have violated it, so hopefully this dog won't be put down.

Conners said...

Oh Indy, I probably have you confused from both of my posts. The ban is definitely in effect. Ontario is Pit bull Ban territory. Break the law and you and your dog gets it big time.

You must have read my London bylaw post, where none of the readings were dated and the mayor didn't sign it. That's just our Pit bull bylaw for the city I live in, but the BAN is in full force.

The story I posted yesterday happened in Toronto, an hour and a half away from me. This was the first incident since the ban of this kind. It was in the newspapers again today, but they are not remarking yet on what will happen. I will post as soon as I find out.

IndyPindy said...

Oh, I see. How crazy...everyone thought that the bylaw was passed, and then they discover that the mayor didn't sign it! Crazy!

Conners said...

You've got that right you smart puppy! But now we just found out they finally did as just a day or two ago, so now we have a bylaw. hehehehehe
Boy, if you have to pay a ticket, they don't give you much time, but City Hall goes by their own rules.
How they can sign 3 readings, plus the Mayers signature in just a day is...BOLONY! ?????? LOL