Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Amended Dog Liability Act

The news and newpapers are jammed about the Pit bull ban, so to continue to write about each one is basically repeating itself. But I'm going to post this last one from Mississauga City Hall as it gives you the amended Dogs Liability Act and all the information.

Pit Bull Ban Now In EffectNov 01, 2005
Pit bull owners are advised that the province-wide ban is in effect as of October 28, 2005.
Amendments to the Dog Owners' Liability Act through Bill 132, took effect on August 29, 2005. The amendments included broader powers to deal with dangerous dogs in general, as well as a ban on pit bulls and restrictions on existing pit bulls.
The Ontario government allowed a 60-day transition period to phase in the pit bull restrictions. This transition period was permitted to give pit bull owners time to comply with the requirements and for municipalities and other enforcement agencies to prepare to enforce the Act and the accompanying Ontario Regulation 157/05.
The amendments prohibit anyone from owning, breeding, transferring, importing, fighting or abandoning pit bulls in Ontario. Ontario residents who currently own a pit bull must prove that the pit bull was in Ontario before August 29, 2005. The regulations stipulate that restricted pit bulls must be leashed and muzzled in public, and spayed or neutered effective October 28, 2005.
"The most effective way to ensure proof of ownership is for owners to have their dog registered or licensed. Pet registration and licensing will ensure that any pets can be identified and returned home safely," said Janet Michaud, supervisor of Mississauga Animal Services. "Owners can call our Shelter at 905-896-5861 for more information on registration."
View the amended Dog Owners Liability Act.


IndyPindy said...

BSL laws make me so sick. It's no different than racial profiling in humans. What are they going to to next, require that all members of a certain ethnic group are automatically banned from appearing in public without handcuffs, regardless of whether they have ever committed a crime or exhibited violent tendencies? Forcing a dog to wear a muzzle solely based on its breed is the same thing. Forcing these dogs to wear muzzles in public just perpetuates the stereotype that they are dangerous. It does nothing to protect or educate the public, since there are plenty of dangerous dogs of other breeds, or of mixed breed lineage. Stupid, stupid lawmakers.

Conners said...

The worst part of this is for us, the owners to try with all our might to continue to socialize our dogs.
The government says, they are banned from Leash Free Parks, always muzzled and short leashed when out in public.
I'm now afraid to leave her outside while I run in the store, for fear she will be attacked or stolen. She works for me, bringing home my groceries that I can't on my own. This makes me as much as a victim (again) as her, as she's my arms in many ways.
Certain pet stores are even banning them. What is there to be afraid of when they are muzzled and leashed, when before, they loved and fussed over them prior to the ban?
To isolate them will bring about problems for them. You know what? I'm going to put on her muzzle right now and take her out for a walk. She DESERVES IT!

Amstaffie said...

I agree STUPID, STUPID lawmakers. & you're right conners, if they're leased & muzzled, why can't they visit a dog park. Geesh, can't these people open up their eyes and see what's really happening. They're creating a bigger problem than what exists.

Conners said...

It's Mchael Bryant's Law and he HATES Pit bulls! He wants them all exterminated, but couldn't pull that one off, so he's making it hard for the owners.
Without socialization, which we know is very important to them, it could change their temperment. I think that is what he is counting on.
But many Bully owners are finding our own way of socializing them, hence the Bow Wow Pow Wow. I wrote The Londoner and invited other Pit bull owners to join in the fun.
Other cities are trying to make simular get togethers and...this is hush, hush for now, but an Association wrote us saying that once this has calmed down a little, they are wanting to make time in the off leash parks just for the pitties to run muzzedless and have fun.
That would be a BIG advantage to us.