Tuesday, November 22, 2005


It's getting more pitiful every day. Our dogs are dying one way or another. It makes me sick to my stomach that human kind can stoop this low. The story is in the newsdurhamregion.com.

Pit bull puppy shot, strangled in Bowmanville Humane Society seeking information after attack
Nov 21, 2005 By Jennifer Stone
BOWMANVILLE -- The Durham Region Humane Society is seeking information after a pit bull-type puppy was shot and strangled in Bowmanville over the weekend.
The Humane Society was called Sunday to a Bragg Road property where the dead animal was found.
“There was an about eight-month-old pit bull type puppy tied to a tree, off the road, and it appears to have been shot and maybe strangled,” said Humane Society investigator Debby Houghton. The noose around the dog’s neck was tied in such a way that it would tighten every time the dog struggled, she said.
“The person who tied it around the tree knew what they were doing,” said Ms. Houghton, noting it appears a projectile nicked the tree, then entered the puppy’s body.
A post-mortem is being performed in Guelph to determine exactly what caused the dog’s death.
Ms. Houghton said the terrible way the dog died brings to light the issue surrounding new rules regarding pit bulls. Under new Provincial law, while current pit bull owners to keep their dogs, but they will be prohibited from breeding or acquiring new pit bulls. Current pit bulls will also have to be leashed and muzzled while in public, and must be spayed or neutered. As well, the legislation indicates that if a pit bull is picked up by animal control officers for any reason -- abandonment, running loose, cruelty -- regardless of temperament, it cannot be re-adopted out and must be euthanized. So, Ms. Houghton worries that people are going to find other ways to get rid of the animals.
“I think this is just the beginning of it,” she said. “Animal control is going to be inundated by this type of stuff.”
The puppy appeared to have been in otherwise good condition, apart from the injuries sustained in this weekend’s incident, said Ms. Houghton. But, the state of the animal when found was horrifying, she noted
“If people were to see the pictures I’m looking at right now, I think they would be very upset,” she said.
Anyone with any information on the incident is asked to call the Durham Region Humane Society at 905-432-2022, ext. 1.


IndyPindy said...

How awful. I hope they catch those terrible people and tie THEM to a pole like that!

Conners said...

Like it says in the story. This is just the beginning. Already dogs have been taken away and PSL. People are abandoning them rather than being charged or jailed.
The government has opened up a whole new can of worms. Did they think the irresponsible owners would stand up for their dogs?
But who knows about this dog? This dog could have been dog napped by a pit bull hater and thought he/she was doing people a favour. grrrrrr....
She why I'm scared to let Shasta out of my sight and that's the same fear of a lot of Pittie owners I speak with.

Amstaffie said...

Question, since the Humane Society puts down any pit bull like dog regardless of the situation, without any chance of re-adoption does that make them any better than the jerks that did this to the puppy?

Faira said...

I am with IndyPindy. As usual when I come to your site I get so angry ... people can be such
bleep, bleeps! Pardon my language. You can translate the Bleep, Bleeps into anything you find suitable and it would still not be strong enough language to discribe how I feel about the cruelty, injustice and stupidity that goes on in this world!

I will be away from my Blog over the Thanksgiving holidays. I hope that you and Shasta stay safe and I will see you when I get back!Take care!

Faira said...

Sorry, I misspelled a couple things! Why don't they have bleeping, spell checker on this thing, LOL!

Conners said...

In most cities the HS are the ones NOT putting them down. But what is happening is once someone has called about an incident, if the dog has done anything (even like that incident with the puppy we are trying to rescue becuz it playfully nipped an older person patting it and broke some skin.) They lied to the owner and said they needed to take the dog for 10 days for quaranteen. Doesn't make sence if you have already had them their shots...but maybe quarenteen doesn't mean for rabies. I don't know.
But she never received the pup back and had to go to court which she did several time.
We're speculating of course, but wondering why the older woman decided to press charges after all and figure she was probably brainwashed with the Pit bull propaganda.
Once it's been ruled in court and unless you have a lot of money and a good lawyer, it's hard to appeal the case.
It's all so confusing and with this law so new, we are all confused too.
Have a HAPPY Thanksgiving to all my US friends!!!!
*big hugs* And for me...I'm thankful for all the great friends that I have met on the web from all OVER the place...NOW boogey over to my Questbook and plant your mark! *giggle*