Friday, November 18, 2005

DEFEND-A-BULL, my new home!

Poor Shasta is so exausted from taking care of me and helping with my new web site, I just had to show you all how hard she worked. shhhh...
Being sick gave me time to sit around and play on the computer when I wasn't sleeping, so I took advantage of it with Shasta at my side and bought me some web space.
Not to be mistaken for my DEFEND-A-BULL BLOG, my web site is called DEFEND-A-BULL and I hope you all come and check it out and leave me plenty of guest book entries!!!
Now there will be no more of not being able to view my pages in peak times and waiting an hour. I can go crazy now! LOL I just have to learn a few thing like how to find my ftp page so I can add the files I uploaded onto it...but one day my head will clear and I will figure it out. LOL
Please come visit!


Amstaffie said...

Just look at that picture... how in the world could anyone be so mean to a breed that looks so adorable?!??!?

Shasta, you are such a good girl to take care of mommie like that. Tell your mom to give you a BIG scratch behind the ear for me!


Conners said...

You know Andee, Shasta works so hard at taking care of me. She knows the difference of when I'm down for the count, sad or feeling ok. It's so instinctive of her and if some of the pit bull haters could just spend a week around her, they would see how wonderful they really are.
That would prove to them it's because of the irresponsible owners and their treatment of the breed that they see the attacks in the media.
It makes me so sad that people have such a low opinion and won't even give the breeds a chance.
Shasta and Storm aren't exceptions to the rule...well, of course to us they are *giggle*, but so many wonderful dogs are so misunderstood. That's the heart breaker.

IndyPindy said...

Nice site, I can't wait to see more!

Is Shasta wearing pajamas in that picture? She looks adorable!

Conners said...

I'm glad you checked it out...and you did remember to sign the guest book right????? LOL
Yes, Shasta has her nighty on. Don't you wear PJ's to bed???
Shasta's very fashion concience. Certainly not anything anyone should be afraid of right? LOL

Sam I Am said...

Awesome site
it was fun to see all that you had did,Thanks for the smiles!

Conners said...

Thanks Sam I Am, I'm so happy I could bring smiles to your face. You have to combine the seriousness with the joys in life. That way you don't lose your mind. LOL

8675309 said...

Awww...little sleeping beauty! Shasta's gorgeous. There are a few adorable pit bulls in our obedience class, and I'm thankful they're still able to be there. Best of luck to you in your fight!

Conners said...

Thank you, we sure are fighting hard and NOT giving up.
I noticed your baby is a service dog. I took need a service dog, but becuz of phobias, health conditions, etc., never know I could have her trained or that I could even have one. She workd for me as one, but not certified, so I'm still limited.
This was all BEFORE the talk of ban, and she's so intuitive that she would make an EXCELLENT Service Dog for me. But I found out to late and now am also trying (fighting) to have her certified. Becuz of her breed and not her nature and intuitive nature, it looks like she won't be permitted.
It's sad. Both for her and for me.
But she is my life and that will have to be enough until we WIN this crazy ban!
Maybe I should blog about it and someone may reply. Geee...Thanks for the idea. *giggle*