Monday, November 14, 2005

London, Ontario. Abiding by a bylaw which doesn't exist!

Everything we were told about London's Pit bull bylaw isn't even official. Nothing has been signed as far as the reading, nor signed by the mayor.
It has not even passed yet. It has to be brought up and read again and voted on, and it has not yet happened. Here is the report from the last ETC meeting (Oct. 31st) which at the bottom it states 1st reading, 2nd reading, 3rd reading and passed in open council with the date (left blank) and a spot for the mayors signature (also blank). These spots would be signed and dated if it has passed. It has not passed, do not take the papers info or anything else you hear or read for fact.
We were told we had one year in which they will review the bylaw to see if it is working. You can't review something that still does not exist. Council is playing head games with the Pit bull owners, making us believe the bylaw is in play.
Without this information, how are we suppose to licease our dogs or do any of the other requirements we are suppose to apply for by Dec. 31st at the latest?
If you happen to be a strange person that LOVES to be confused, move to London, Ontario...the home of the confused Pit bull owners. This is CRAZY!


IndyPindy said... mom said this sounds a lot like the place where she works!!! Rules that aren't documented anywhere, rules that no one knew about except two people....riiiiiight.

I'm so sorry you have to deal with all of this ridiculous stuff!

Conners said...

Poor Shasta is the most confused. Before she got clothes and jewellery, even doggie colgne and nail polish, now she gets muzzles and short leashes and not allowed in dog parks. The owners are baffled by all this, but humans understand how much you can't trust politicans. The good kids like you don't know about these crooks because your Mommy has protected you from them, just as I do Shasta.
If Shasta were to meet one, she would probably kiss one. Opps...I guess not...not with a basket on her face. Their loss!
Your Mommy sounds like a very smart woman, but then, that's why you are a very smart kid!!! *hugs*