Sunday, November 20, 2005

Shasta's new muzzle...

Believe it or not, she like it. She can drink with it on, take small snacks thru it and even give kisses (kind of) thru it...only naturally they aren't wet and sloppy. LOL
She can yawn, pant and noneof the metal touches her. Around the snout is black leather and inside of it is white felt to protect it. I gave her a choice which one she wanted to wear and she went to that one.
This far, we have not have ANY negative feedback and only positive as people can see she is sweet. People feel very sorry for her when they first see it on her, but as I show them all she can do, they are quite impressed and quickly ask me where I bought it.
I don't even think I will paint it or do any of the things I was going to do except add a flower clip or her butterfy clip to it. Wn outside, she has on her vest which makes her look even more less threatening.
I take her out in confidence now and never thing to move off the sidewalk with her now that I know my rights. I'm thinking of taking a yellow highliter to the part of our rights when in public and also the part about harassment, both verbally and physically. Then if I DO get something rude said to us, I have it right there to show them.
Actually, I received a snail mail from Michael Bryant with that all written in it, so what better thing to show them but a letter from the Atorney General of Ontario to point it out to beligerant rude people.
I walk her proudly and confidently now. What excuse have people got to be afraid now that she is muzzled and on a leash. If they are, they can cross the street because we have every right to be there and I will make sure I tell them so.
Nobody is going to insult my baby and me because of her breed. I KNOW my rights and if it comes down to it, I will use them until the ignorant people understand I will NOT stand for their insults!
Today I put on her pulling harness, her new vest and attacked her to the wagon. Yes! The snow all melted the same day of the morning of Canada's Winterland, so it's back to the wagon again.
Today after taking her to all the stores to buy nescessities, we had to go to the pet store to buy something. Well, she was being so good all day (you know, her basically normal self) and with her helping me, I told her in the pet store she could pick out one small treat. Wouldn't you know it, she went straight to the largest Dino Bone there was and kept nudging it with her muzzle. How could I resist?! After all, she did do a fantastic job bring all my groceries home. She deserved it!


Bob Gentry said...

Hello! sorry i was so delayed on replying to your post on my was here and it was a like being a tour guide and i was unable to escape! ;)

I noticed the Tracy Chapman CD in the background...i love that CD ;)

Conners said...

LOL Leave it to you to notice my CD's! I remember you saying your family was coming and you were doing the tour route with them. Hope you all had fun! probably would have been happier to see one of yours there instead though huh! LOL