Wednesday, November 02, 2005


There was a surprise in the mail addressed to Shasta today. She couldn't wait for me to open it up and kept nudging the package with her nose. Then after all the tape and packing, we came to this bag.
I was trying to open it without ripping it, but the person that sent it, made sure NOBODY could get in...especially me! *giggle*
Finally, I had no choice but to rip the top. You sure love your tape Andee!
I swear Shasta was like a child. What made her even think it was for her. Yes, the envelope did say 'Shasta', and I showed her and told her, 'look it's for you.' But did I actually think she would know?
Now we had a little plastic bag that I'm terrible with opening. Meanwhile, I'm playing with Shasta pretending I can't get it open. Her eyes were big, and if she could have spoken, she would have said, 'Give it to me!'

So, I did and look what it was. An American Human Society 'BE KIND' collar from my dear friend and Shasta's Auntie Andee! We both LOVE it!

Shasta poses to show you the blue side and the brown. So soft and pretty. It's funny how she knew we were going to take pictures of her new collar as I didn't have to tell her to turn her head, she just did.

Shasta told me, 'Mommy, now I really AM bilingual. I'm a Canadian, American Pit Bull Terrier and I've got the collar to prove it. Now can we go and see Storm and Auntie Andee?'
*sigh* She just doesn't understand that North Carolina is not across town from Ontario. I told her, 'Maybe tomorrow.' *giggle*

Thank you Auntie Andee!
I LOVE my 'BE KIND' collar and I love YOU!


Sam I Am said...

She looks pretty in her new collar
What fun that is .She like's to pose. It's always nice to have wonerful Aunts. and barking pals like Storm :D

Amstaffie said...

Shasta, I'm so glad you got your treat! You are just the perfect model because you know how to show your stuff! :)

And remember, you & your mommy are welcome at my house anytime!


Conners said...

Well, Sam I Am, if Andee is her aunt, then Storm must be her cousin. LOL And yes, we are VERY fortunate to have a WONDERFUL to have Andee in our lives.
She LOVES her new collar and wears it proudly as you can see.

Andee, I was amazed that she posed by herself showing off the collar. Afterwards, I had to muzzle her to take her to the drug store with me, but after that, we walked thru the drive thru (giggle) and ordered us a papa burger to share under a tree.
When I placed the order, she stood up putting her paws up at the open window and the girl called all the front staff to come and see her.
It was funny, because the food handlers were patting her, and all the costomers after that would have had a little bit of Shasta on their food. It gave me a happy feeling and Shasta was happy with all the attention.
The girl said, 'Normally that aren't allowed to take walk tru's, thru the drive in window, but because of Shasta, it would be ok. I told her next time I will bring my bike so I have wheels next time I bring Shasta. LOL
It was one of the more pleasant days of the ban as you can tell.
Thank you Andee! We LOVE it!

Amstaffie said...

Hey Conners... check out this link that a friend forwarded to me and see what you think. I think it's rediculous as well.

Conners said...

Yes it is rediculas and there were so many reports such as those that I could post all of them. You see the stupidity of some people?
The solution that we are fighting for makes a whole lot more common sence rather than banning. It's making sure that only responsible dog owners have dogs as pets (Just as responsible people can only adopt children).
Get rid of the irresponsible owners and we don't have to worry about vicious dog attacks, as responsible owners don't want dangerous or vicious dogs living with them and their families. I brought that point up at City Hall.
Educating the public and the other amendments we are seeking will solve that problem.
Instead, the Liberal government is costing the taxpayers tons of $$$$$ for something that just won't work.
Personally I think the Pit bull Ban is a cover-up for a lot of the scamming going on by the Liberals that is just coming out now in the media.
Keep the average citizens attention on the Pit bulls and that keeps them from knowing the other scandels that are going on that will cost the taxpayers even MORE $$$$$.
OH, how DIRTY the government is run!!!!