Thursday, November 17, 2005

People are crying. Dogs are dying.

There's one incident I'm talking about that is so sad that I cried when I heard from the owner. Her dog is young and friendly and hadn't quite got the hang of manners yet. When he got excited to a friendly face, he would nip at the sweater or jacket playfully.
I know even with Shasta, I had to teach her not to jump up when I first came home. She didn't nip, but with my skin, the slightest thing would tear my skin. Even a simple scratch from myself and I looked like I took glass to my arms and slashed.
I solved my problem by buying bandaides to be prepared and since then have only used one. LOL That was months ago.
Well, with this pup, and this was befor the muzzling came in, an elderly woman went to pat the pup. The pup nipped the womans sweater and nobody was aware of anything until they spotted some blood on the sweater. Obviously, the nip went beyond the sweater.
The dog was taken away for observation for 10 days (or so they said), incase of rabies, etc. The owner had to go to court as well as the elderly woman and the senior decided to press charges. Now this pup is destined to be put to sleep.
We are hoping that a neighbouring province or state would see if they could have the dog transfered there and give it a good home. This is a friendly pup with a loving family and yes it is a Pit bull.
As much as the owner loving her dog, she is so devistated that she would naturally want it to live and play out it's natural life even if it isn't with her.
If I was in this situation with Shasta, I would want Shasta to be happy even if my heart was broken and in this case the woman's heart is breaking either way. Perhaps if someone could save her dog, they could keep communication with letters and pictures.
If you know of a rescue out of Ontario, Canada that would be willing to try to transfer this pup, please email me at


IndyPindy said...

Oh how awful! Wow, one little nip and the dog is sentenced to death? That's crazy! If it was a life-threatening bite, that would be one thing, but a nip from an overexcited puppy who is in the process of being trained is totally normal! I hope the dog's owner calls the news and stages a protest and has animal behaviorists on hand to talk about how this is totally normal and can happen with any breed of dog.

Where we live, it depends on the severity of the bite. Usually if the first bite is a nip from an excited dog that got carried away, they do NOT put the dog to sleep. I'll pray for this dog.

Conners said...

Thank you Indy, but I think they are using this pup as a way of telling us...THIS IS THE LAW AND YOU BROKE IT! But it happened before the muzzling came into effect and the pup was leashed. That the real sad part. They won't allow Pit bulls to be dogs, and now they are saying that ANY dog that bites will have to pay the price. Not quite sure what that means, but the owner will have to pay for restitution. Whether the rest of the act applies, I still have to find out.
I must check my email and hopefully I will have some in there. *fingers crossed with lots of prayers*