Friday, July 15, 2005

Forget Pit bulls...Here's KILLERS in Wrong Hands

So they (the government) thinks banning Pit bulls is the way to clean up the streets and making them safe for the citizens. Well, do I have news for them.
There are dogs not listed on the ban list, here in Ontario anyway. And in the wrong hands, it could be a disaster. Why would the 'bad guys' need a Pit bull when they can go to these other dogs. Makes Pit bulls look tame in comparison, if you already look down to Pit bulls.
Yup! The druggies and the crooks are going to be laughing at the government, while us responsible owners are paying their penalties with our dogs.
Am I angry? You better believe it! ANY dog is dangerous in the wrong hands, even the small ones. And, believe it or not, some very small dogs have even caused deaths, so quit blaming the Pit bulls all the time! I'm angry because the government has got a mind set that won't be changed no matter what. I'm angry because the 'bad guys' and irresponsible owners are ruining it for us. I'm angry because so many innocent dogs had to die needlessly. Murdered, they committed no crime.
I've just finished a new page on my website. It should be up by today. To bad I didn't read this new article until today. Who knows, I might add to it anyway...but not right now...I'm too angy!
To see what I'm talking about read this. I see more trouble brewing!


The Fat Girl said...

yeah. for some reason, people think that certain breeds of dogs are dangerous (pitbull, doberman, german shepard, etc.) but any dog can be vicious. you can have the sweetest bulldog, or the nastiest lasa apso.

Conners said...

You've got that one right g/f! Thanks for the comment. It's good to see that others believe like we do.
My g/f has a shitzu(sp?)/poodle... we call it a shit/poo. Of all names, his name is pooh too. LOL
The point is, her dog is totally aggressive. She would bring him to play with Shasta, but she is scared, not because of Shasta, but because Pooh would start causing trouble. He has bitten her on several occations and tore a big hole in her baggy pajama pants, just because she yelled at him for dirtying in the house. He RULES!
Shasta, on the other hand, a staffie (Pit bull) has never shown any signs of agression, shares her toys and food with other dogs... although not to keen on sharing her jewellery. LOL
Pooh was raised much differently than Shasta, as if roles were reversed and we each had each others dogs, then Shasta probably would have been aggressive and Pooh not.
That's the difference of an inexperienced dog owner not knowing how to train and socialize their pet.
While my g/f claims it's the poodle in him, that's exactly what people that don't understand Pit bulls are saying. They blame on the breed as my g/f does with Pooh. It doesn't occur to her that he was brought up and raised to be top dog in that household...a very dangerous position to allow them to be. The owners are ALWAYS the TOP DOG and the animal accepts that. No different than in a pack. Always one top dog.
At 6 years old, he should not be defying her by dirtying in the house, yet that is EXACTLY what he is doing to prove his position.
When I come over, things get changed around. He KNOWS that I am top dog and she (my g/f) doesn't understand why he will listen and obey me...yet, he loves me too.
I've explained it to her on many occasions, but she just doesn't seem to understand what I am saying.
I would love to have her stay at my house for a week with Pooh and me demonstrate how to react with him. I know I could teach her to be top dog, but she sure needs guidance rather than shampooing her carpets all the time.
LOL...I think my reply back was more of a post than a comment. *giggle*