Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Denver's Charlie Brown WORSE than Ontario's Michael Bryant

When you think things couldn't get worse, then you look over the fence and see your neighbour has it rougher than you do...are you relieved? No! You're sadden and feel so much for your neighbour and feel their heart break within everything inside of you. You feel their fear and their anxiety, but most of all you feel their attempts of desperation of doing anything humanly possible to save the one's they love.
This is why I fight and never give up hope. This is why we, the one's that care, the one's that know how irrational this all is, fight and continue to fight. Not only for us but for you too and the one's after.
We HAVE to win! We have to make something good come out of all this crisis, because this is exactly what it is...a CRISIS!
To the owners of dogs in Denver, my heart breaks for you. I feel sick with grief for what you are going through. I honestly don't know what I would do if it were the same here. I believe I would become a law breaker, a fugitive and go underground or as you will read from the news article, give up your precious babe so it can live a happy life without you. Please read this heart breaking
story happening in Denver.

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