Sunday, July 03, 2005


Shasta and I went walking around the city in search of some good firework displays. On our journey we met up with some really nice people and of course, tons of kids.
The noise of fireworks doesn't bother Shasta and I believe a cannon could be shot off and she's still enjoy herself as long as there are people around. She's soooo sociable, which naturally draws people to her like a magnet.
We could have gone up to my friends trailer with them, but I'm still not feeling the greatest and best to stay close to home, although I LOVE going to her trailer and we ALWAYS have a great time. Shasta loves the freedom she gets when we go up on a week day, rather a weekend as last time she barely had a leash on the whole time. That's very rare and I wish I could allow her that freedom more often. She very good and doesn't go too far and a call of her name and she's back like a whip.
The birds tease her up there. They start making a lot of noise to get her attention and once she bounces towards them and comes close, up and around they fly, but never far and after a chase, they land and call her again. I don't know who is enjoying it more...the birds or her? Personally, I think it's equal. I enjoy watching her have fun and meanwhile my girlfriend and I are either fishing or just wading in the water.
This one time, my brain...well, I must have left it at home...but all the same, she casted out and her bobber got thrown off and way out in the water. I'm fully clothed, but thinking it was her last bobber for some reason. Yeah...I said Duh already! Well, I roll up my pants, but the water just keeps getting that's just what it does the further out you get...and finally they are drenched, so I just let them go and keep going. She's on shore laughing her fool head off at me and just as I'm nearing the bobber, naturally the motion from my body in the water is gliding it outwards more.
The rocks at the bottom are slimey, so it's kind of a walking, dog paddle and the only dry part of me is my head. I turn around and to my amazement she's fishing with another bobber on and I'm thinking, what the heck am I out here for? With that, I just gave up trying to keep any part of me dry and dove in and headed back to shore but under water.
Now all my clothes were totally hanging on me and dragging to the ground, so I pulled off my jeans as my top was long enough to look like a dress by now anyway. I told her I was so glad we were the only ones in the campground.
Later, as in weeks later, she informs me we weren't alone. A woman was watching from inside her trailer and splitting a gut over the scene and had to comment to my girlfriend how funny it was. Makes me wonder how many other people witnessed the sight, but never let on. Still, I had fun and if they had fun watching, then my innocent acts of craziness bringing some joy and isn't that how we really need to lead our lives? Not meaning, everyone walk out in water fully dressed, but acts of random silliness that harms no one and may even bring joy unknowingly.
I personally don't care how people view me. I don't live my life to make an impression on people, but I usually do. Make an impression I mean. Most people take me for who I am. I get a lot of comments saying, 'I wish I could do something like that', or 'I wish I had the nerve to do such and such.' I just strug my shoulders and ask them why they can't? Maybe I'm lucky that I can express myself in so many different ways that I don't give it a second thought. If it pops in my head, I do it.
Between Shasta and I, we're a real team together. The St. John Ambulance Dog Therapy Program really missed out when because of Bill 132, would not let us into the program. Both Shasta and I have the types of personalities that the seniors and the sick kids need and I KNOW we could have cheered up so many, but I'm not going to say never as who knows what the future will bring.
I noticed my um hum...friend, Michael Bryant hasn't replied or emailed me back. That's really too bad, as I'm sure he would have ended up understanding so much more about the people he is suppose to be responsible for.
And I'm wondering how Karla Homoka is enjoying her 'freedom'? Silly woman can't understand why the news media is following her around everywhere. She's notorious and thinks she deserves her right to privacy. She certainly didn't think about her victims rights prior to her and Bernardo murdering them, now did she? They video tapes, the torchuring of the young girls prior to their deaths...and now she's yelling for privacy.
I for once, hope the media do keep up to her for the sake of the safety of the children and I'm not usually crazy about the media's tactics...but for this, I hope they have a field trip with her. Let the media be her Paparazzi just like the Rich and Famous have. She's earned it.
The Pit bull video presentatation is finished. I mean, I have it all put together, but the program I used might not be able to be viewed by all, so I then put it all together using another program. After doing that, then I saw I couldn't include the music in it over the net. I'm working using another program and hopefully THIS will work. This is the only thing holding me up putting it on my site. If anyone happns to have any good suggestions, I'd really be interested in hearing from you rather than me going by trial and error as I'm hitting more errors in my trials. LOL You can email me at or leave a comment. I'd really appreciate it.
Well, the long weekend isn't over, but I hadn't posted for awhile and thought I should let you know I'm still here...or there. It's late now and it's cooler. Just right for me to take Shasta for a nice walk.


Guitartists said...

Sounds like you both had a great time! :D

Conners said...

LOL When I'm with Shasta...I ALWAYS have a GREAT time!!! Like I say, she really IS my life!!!