Monday, July 04, 2005

Pit bull atrocity in Oakland, California

We're reading it over and over again and this press article really made me angry! All those mixed-breed Pit bulls being put down by the thousands...and why? Because as the article states, back yard breeding for illegal gains. Not only that, but the irresponsible people are allowing them to roam loose without socialization and attacks are outrageous.
It says nothing of finding these low lives and charging and incarcerating them. Seems they are keeping themselves well hidden...or are authorities too over bogged with the dogs that they don't have time to search for the criminals and give them what they deserve? In any case, they breed these dogs, use them for fighting, then set them loose. WHO KNOWS WHY??? This is CRIMINAL and the dogs are the victims in all aspects because of these scum!!!
It's THEM that are to blame for the attacks, because if they hadn't caused this problem, there wouldn't be vicious wild dogs attacking.
This is so brutal and so heartless and the victims and the dogs are paying heavily from these slime balls.
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