Monday, July 04, 2005

On an Up Note to Pit bulls

This article was written by someone that breeds Pitties and agree's they make loving and loyal companions...IF breed properly with the right socialization.
I do however disagree with one statement she claims, and that is having 2 pit bulls together in a small apartment. I live in a one bedroom apartment and I babysat my son's dog for 3 months, along with Shasta, the (3) cats at the time. I found that Pet bulls don't require a lot of space providing you allow them a large amount of excersise. That they can do that together, even in a small apartment. But you have to be the type of owner that understands this and allows it.
Shasta and Spanky would rough house together and it was so comical to watch. Shasta then, not even a year old was full of energy and poor Spanky at 7 years old had a hard time keeping up to her energy. I had to keep sending him out to, 'Get Shasta, Spank!' in order for him to play longer. They both enjoyed it, as so did I and finally they were both laying on the floor panting, but happy.
Understanding what the dogs require is 'key' and if you aren't ready for that...don't get one! It's as easy as that.
Having Shasta alone is nothing like having two, but what I am saying, is that 2 can be double the fun, but prepare yourself if you live in small quarters.
For me personally, I'll babysit Spanky anytime my son needs me to when he goes out of town, but my preference is to only have Shasta on a full time bases.
It was nice to read something positive after that first news clip I read. To read this one, click

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