Saturday, July 30, 2005

...just rambling *sigh*

I posted last night, but somehow lost it (the post...not me) and didn't feel like trying to remember what I was posting about, because I'm very spontaneous and unrehearsed, that it just doesn't work the 2nd time around. That being said, I can't honestly even remember what was rumbling through my head at that time. Most probably Shasta or Pitties. LOL
Don't know what it's like in your stick of the woods, but it's definitely humid here. Not as dangerously so as the past few weeks, but you could still cut the smog with a knife.
What I did do today was go take the bus (yes! You heard me right) LOL and go to Business Depot and bought myself that batteries and battery charger for my new digital. It came with a nice genuine leather case too. How cool is that! ;)
So now I will be able to load Shasta's page up on
Shasta's Pics page, once I get the new batteries recharged. I've been feeling so bad with the either too muggy weather to go out or else it goes the extreme and they call for severe thunderstorm or tornado warning that Shasta and I haven't had much of an outside summer... like I was hoping for prior to the muzzling. So yesterday I went out and bought my baby girl 19 of the nicest necklaces and a pair of earrings. Did I say earrings? LOL YES I DID! She loves them. I only bought one pair as I wasn't sure if she would like them or not, but now I see I better buy her some more.
OH! Don't worry! I didn't go and get her ear pierced. These are magnetic earrings and I only want her to wear one for one ear only. After all, she really IS a dog. shhhhhhh.....
It's funny how some animals hate being fussed over, others are so so and then there are the kind like Shasta that will do anything in her power to bring out a giggle out of me. We REALLY were meant to be together... that's for sure! There is not one little bit about her that I would want to have changed. She has no faults. She has no flaws. She's PERFECT! I mean, perfect for me.

My son laughs at both her and I, because obviously no guy would want any dog of his dressed to the hilt looking like a beauty queen. His wife or girl friend, maybe...but his dog? Hmmm...
She got so much jewelry now that I've basically given her my beautiful jewelry case.'s still on my (our?) dresser, but has much more of her things in there than mine.
The reason I didn't bike to the store today was because of the humidity and the distance. Normally, the distance wouldn't matter, but I can't afford to stop breathing now that I don't have a doctor any more. OH! That reminds me, I just got a letter (snail mail) from Dalton McGuinty, the Premier of Ontario a couple of days ago. I had written him a letter regarding the lack of doctors in my city...and I'm talking about 'NONE', 'ZERO' available that is taking in new patients.

For some people, that isn't a really big issue, but for some of us with the chronic and serious conditions, it's a very scary situation to be in. Just a few weeks ago, I went to the Health Care Clinic and they said they couldn't help me. Then last week I went to a walk-in clinic and they could only help me in some area's. I phoned Telehealth Ontario and told them how hard I was seeking to find help but hitting brick walls and could they suggest anything for me.
Other than me requesting my full medical records from my previous doctor (and they found me his address in Calgary, Alberta) and proceeding searching one at a time different walk-in clinics in hopes of their being a family physician working there that 'might' take me in as a walk in patient...which is better than none what so ever...but, it's tiring and frustrating.
That's when I decided to email Dalton McQuinty. I was surprised that he wrote me back. Michael Bryant ignores anything I send to him and he's our Provincial Health Minister...but why would he help me when he wants to ban my dog. grrrrr... That's a growl from me to him...not Shasta. He needs no excuses to take our dogs away, so I thought I should explain that part as he would think Shasta wrote that. Hmmm...he IS the Health Minister maybe that's the direction I should be seeking. I'm very doubtful if I could write him a civil letter though. I know I would have to throw in a few punches, so maybe best left alone.
So back to McGuintys letter...well he was extremely cordial and gave me statistics of what they have been doing and plan on doing and the financial amounts going to where, initives to gain more doctors for Ontario, etc., but he did give me a colleague of his, name and address. He's the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care. Plus he gave me other information to phone toll free health ministry and the ministry's web site, which is where I think I found to write him from in the first place. The point being, at least he made an effort to write and give me information and possibilities of help. Some times I feel very alone and very small and insignificant when it comes to my health. It's a very scary situation, so the letter did help to boast my hopes a smiggen.
Today after I went shopping I went straight to my daughters place...only this time I cabbed it. Between the humidity and the phobia, I didn't think it to safe to try to bus it back home. I was already puffing from my puffers too many times and I think a lot of it was anxiety. It was great with the grand kids though. We went swimming in their back yard pool and it was enough to cool us all off.
My son-in-law came home from work with one of his buddies that I knew, so he walked back with me as far as my place as he continued on. The best part is always coming in the door. The greeting I get from Shasta makes me feel like I'm the Queen of Sheba. LOL How animals have such a capacity to love and show it is sooo awesome, and naturally, it goes both ways.
I have NOOO idea what to title this post as I was just rambling. *sigh*

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