Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Positive Image GOOD...but HARD DATA Crutial!

I talked with the Director of the London Humane Society and sent the video to check it out. I also asked her for her opinion if I was approaching this in the right way.
While she enjoyed the video, she suggested what I could add to my site is some hard data, since media support of the pit bull issue has done little to help the pit bulls, but plenty to cause damage by increasing fear in the public and with the upcoming ban. Naturally, irresponsible breeders and owners are problematic for any breed; it's just that the breed currently maligned happens to be the pit bull.
I totally agree and have decided to not only have the video named, The TRUTH About Pit Bulls, but an doing another page under that title giving that specific hard data.
There has to be a way to get to the people who don't understand and believe what the media and myths of these wonderful breeds really are about. It doesn't seem fair that we have to fight so hard for our dogs that are totally innocent of any wrong doing. Yet, they have been convicted of being vicious killers because of the few irresponsible people that have given people the wrong impression and done an injustice not only to their dogs, but ours as well. Now we all pay the price for it.
Hopefully the video will be up before the page is, but I believe Lorna is right on with this. The more of us with pages, the more information out there on the web for people to see.
Well, I've got a lot of work ahead of me. A lot of research to be done too.


flex said...

good to see that someone has found their purpose...

Conners said...

Hey Flex!
Wow, I never thought to look so far back to watch for comments. You're becoming a nice friendly face...and yes, I've seen it on your website. ;)
By your page, you are into EVERYTHING! Wow! I can only really concentrate on one thing at a time when I'm going after something.
So come on...explain the comment...