Wednesday, July 13, 2005

They STILL Don't Get It!!!

Here's a great example why the logic of municipalities and cities just aren't getting it. In Pawtucket, if they find a vicious dog, they confiscate and euthanize the dog and the owner gets fined or thrown in jail for up to 30 days. They are trying to stop drug dealers from using Pit bulls as dog of choice.
Well, drug dealer make an awful lot of money, and I'm sure they can easily pay a fine or do a 30 day stint in jail. When they get out, they go get another Pit bull. It's a vicious circle and not a cure. More like a slap on the hand for the drug dealer who is laughing at their crazy laws.
If they went to the 'root' of the problem, by confiscating the dog, rehabilitating it if possible, but create a greater penalty for the drug dealer, so it's highly unlikely he can use the same means again.
Don't allow him to own another animal, fine him $10,000. along with 6 months to a year or three in jail. Does that not make more sense than a slap on the wrists?
The drug dealer is the danger to society and using the dog to take advantage. This is no different than taking a gun away from a shooter, giving him a fine or a month in jail, but after that, he can gain access to another gun. Give your heads a shake!!! Go to the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM guys!!!
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Just Wandering said...

Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog and your kind attempt to help me in my understanding of Christology!

You have a great, simple definition of the faith...I like it, maybe a good reminder for people like me who concern themselves with "things too profound for me" (Ps. 131).

Take care.

Conners said...

You're very welcome. Simplicity is in fact the way to look at what you were talking remember, 'And a little child will lead you.'
Sometimes the answers are right before our noses. We don't always have to go in to large research and extravagant means to find answers. We only have to open our eyes, heart and mind to see.
Good luck on your paper.