Tuesday, July 05, 2005

'The TRUTH about Pit Bulls' video is ready...but I NEED HELP!

I've done the video is a Window Media format with the extention of .WMV, so now to upload it. I have an old website that I can upload to in ftp...if only I could remember my passwords. What I need to know is, I saved it under high speed and am wondering whether I need to also make a copy of it for people that are still on dial up, or will they still be able to view it properly, but only in a smaller screen. HELP PLEASE!!! I want this to be PERFECT and be able to be properly viewed by all. Anyone out there that can let me know? I await your answers with baited breath. LOL
HAPPY 4th to all my American buddies!!! HAVE A GREAT ONE!


Guitartists said...

Dial up SUX.... you might want to make a lower resolution file for them, but I am not sure. You might search, google, to see if there are any help/tutorial sites about putting film up online. You COULD make it downloadable for dial-up users, then they can watch it on their computers at full resolution.

Conners said...

I downloaded a FTP program and I think they will be able to pick their own speed as it will run through Windows Media Player. Now for me to remember how to upload with FTP. It's been years since I first used one and doing a little trial and lots of errors. LOL