Friday, December 23, 2005

Pit bull Check-List 'almost' Complete...

That Christmas tune keeps running through my head; 'Making a list and checking it twice. Gonna find out who's naughtie or nice. Santa Clause is coming... TO Town!'
Well my list has been completed except for delivering it to Animal Care in person, but with family coming to London over Christmas, my brother can drive me there and Shasta will be officially SAFE! *whew* I feel like I can finally breath again!
Vicky, the woman that I met when I spoke at City Hall, spoke to a woman at the Spay Neuter Clinic and explained my situation. She said she would pay, but didn't think it right and would complain about it afterwards, but for now, she only wanted to make sure I had the copy.
The woman she spoke to told her that there were quite a few people trying to scam them and that was the reason for the $25.00 fee, but she told Vicky that it was alright and she gave it to her for free. She told her to wish me a Merry Christmas. I'm going to phone that woman at the clinic and thank her personally. Another blessing!
Not only did Vicky bring me the certificate, but she brought two large bags full of those trial packages of the expensive brand dog foods. She told me to combine it in with Shasta's food and that would save me some extra money for the holidays. She also brought me a nice blanket, thinking either I could make Shasta a jacket or a bed. Well, as it turned out, it's just perfect for my 22 year old BrandyCat that sleeps in my hutch now. With it all folded, it fits perfect and he is sooo comfortable on it. Now he is part of my Christmas decorations in the hutch. LOL
Yesterday I spent all day at Emergency. The only good thing about that wasted trip, was the doctor there gave me a name of a doctor that is coming to London. He didn't have a phone number, but said I could get it from the Academy of Medicine. Waiting hours when you're in pain, cold and tired isn't the easiest and when one nurse saw me shivering, she brought me a heated blanket out of the microwave. It felt heavenly, but I was still cold.
As far as meds, that's like trying to pull teeth just to get what you need, but he did give me a prescription of three I was right out of for awhile now, and with those it warns you not to just quit taking them, but I still wasn't going to be fine without the others I needed too. I think my body was going into shock or withdrawal, because tears came out of nowhere and I was getting little electrical current feelings in my head. I couldn't sleep and matter of fact have been up for 3 days now. The medication my body needs to slow down to sleep, means me starting right in the morning upon arising to take meds that by taking them through the day, plus others in the evening, them my sleeper, I'll finally sleep at night. I have an over active brain that just won't quit. It's not necessarily anything like stress, just idea's or things I'm planning. I can go right into detail, but without the sleep, don't have the energy nor money for all the things going through my mind. I've been like this even before I ever got hurt and sick.
So today I chanced it by going to the walk-in clinic to see if I could get any of the rest. They are finally getting to know my situation and today I was so surprised when she gave me all the others that the hospital wouldn't and for two months, rather than just one.
Naturally, those places are always busy, so I asked how long she figured before I got to see the doctor. She said probably over an hour, so while I was in the mall, I went and bought a few Christmas presents rather than just sitting there waiting. Plus I had taken MORE pictures of Shasta and went to the photo lab to print them off. You're never quite sure exactly what they want and I wasn't taking any chances.
A profile of her does NOT show any markings, yet that was one that they required. The other was a head shot. To see her marking, she has to sit to the front and it's just a smll white triangle on her chest. I copied off about 5 or 6 and they can pick what they want from them.
The woman at the photo lab said quite a few woman were coming in doing the same. Where's the men??? I thought everyone thought the Pittie breeds were for macho where ARE they? LOL
I got more accomplished today than I have all week because I was in an area where everything was close. I'm exausted and tried to nap, but my medication hasn't been delivered yet, so it might be another night awake again.
Believe me, I have NO energy and wish my body would take a few hours because I still have to do all the Christmas shopping except for the few I got today. Talk about the last moment is right!
So, in such a short time left, lots to get done, but no stamina to do it, but a lot of important things out of the way. It's mind boggling, but not like it was. At least Shasta's check-list is complete! *big sigh* It's all coming together even if it is in a rush, rush manner with a body limitatation on empty...but I'll do it. I ALWAYS do!


Amstaffie said...

Goodness girl! I hope the medicine helps you get some rest!

I'm glad Shasta is on her way to being "legal". That is so ridiculous; such a sweet girl & she has to have a list of things longer than a person convicted behind bars.

IndyPindy said...

I'm glad you got your medicines and I hope they get there soon. Get a good night's sleep so that you can enjoy Christmas!

Hugs to you and Shasta,

Sam I Am said...

Merry Christmas,
May everything you wish for come ture .

thirty said...

Hi! I just wanted to wish both you and Shasta a Merry Christmas! Your blog and website are fantastic.

I am bleeping disgusted with the Liberal Government and they will never have my vote nor anyone living in this house ever again. Michael Bryant is the saddest, most misinformed monster ever. BSL and this ban make me sick. I cannot even write most of what I feel because I refuse to let them win. My Ontario includes all dogs!

Shasta is absolutely beautiful and is one of the many ambassadors of the breed! I truly hope you are feeling better! Take care.

Conners said...

Christmas was PERFECT as always and all my worrying was in vain AGAIN...but talk about last minute rush.
The meds, even though I hadn't taken nearly enough for so long made the BIGGEST difference. It was the first sleep I received in 4 nights and it felt heavenly, even though short lived.
My Mom and brother had come from Birlington early in the AM and we soon went to sleep...bliss...but my Mom had to wake me as it was the 24th and the last day to Christmas Shop, so I had a lot to do as I could do any prior and stores closed early at 4PM. The rushing really hurt the body, but I didn't give in and held a steady pace. It was as if I was in the Olympic's and I had to make it to the finish line. I MADE IT!!!
Now we had until 6PM to shop for groceries. We made that too. Exausted, but still needing to wrap, I could tell the body was slowing down as wrapping was slow paced. We needed to be up at 7AM to go to Danielles to open the gifts with the Grandkids, but it took me until 6AM to finish wrapping. With only an hour left to go, I was afraid of going to sleep knowing I'd never wake up, so I stayed up and hugged my Shasta knowing I'd take a shower and that would give me a second wind.
Danielle needed to work at 2PM so we had Christmas Brunch there and the following day we would have Christmas supper at my place. That worked out great, because once we came home I grabbed everyone a pillow and Shasta crawled up beside me and I slept until early evening. Stayed up for about an hour and then slept my full nights sleep.
We thought with my brother, we'd go to Animal Care and get Shasta registered, but it was a Stat Holiday and it was closed, so Bill was going to drive me the next day before they left.
Becuz Christmas was on Sunday, they got an extra Stat, so that meant the next day was a Stat too. So she still isn't registered and legal yet and it's the 28th. *sigh*
Looks like her registrying will be last minute too, but like Christmas, I've got everything ready to go and only need a ride when they open before the 31st, which I have a ride there for the 30th but going to phone them to make sure it's not a Stat. *whew*
I hope you all had a Wonderful and Merry Christmas too.
And thank you Thirty, and although I'm not a nasty person, I hope Michael Bryant got a Scrooge Dream the night before Christmas and saw the biggest mistake he made. I know... doubtful, but it makes me feel better thinking it.
I have a sign on my door saying that my Ontario includes Pit bulls with the red circle with the slash across it on the Liberal logo, so I doubt they will be campaigning at my door, even if it is a federal election. *giggle*
To think, Shasta as well as all the others are so innocent, they aren't even aware of what we dog owners are fighting for and their lives are in our hands thanks to the Liberals.
Still, I believe we will win our fight and make amendments to this new law that will make sense. I invite ALL of you to the muzzle burning party when that happens.

IndyPindy said...

Happy New Year Shasta and Conners! Shasta's mom - I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas and caught up on your sleep! I'm glad that all of Shasta's things are ready, I will cross my paws that everything goes smoothly with her being registered.

Shasta I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and got lots of wonderful toys and treats!

Conners said...

Thanks Indy. Shasta told me to tell you she had a WONDERFUL Christmas and received some really cool toys, bones, and best of all, left overs by everyone. So much so, that I froze a lot of it to give to her a different times. Lots of Prime Rib bones with lots of meat still on them. Does that make your mouth water? *giggle*
I still need more sleep but didn't go into the chronic fatigue this year, or at least not yet. But my body used all the energy I had and I do still need to catch up from pushing it so much.
I got her finally LEGAL on Friday night the 30th. Talk about hitting it close.
The technician for Symantec (for my Norton AntiVirus) attempted to fix my program and instead screwed up my system. That's why I'm not blogging and can't go to a lot of my places. I can write in comments but can't get into pages I need to sign into, like posting blogs and my homepages.
2006 is going to be a year of change. No more pleading nicely to have things fixed. If it takes aggression, I'll do what I have to do. This is no fun not being able to keep up on my posts.
Hopefully I will be back on here soon. Shasta misses writing in her Frappr too and you must come and leave your mark on her map along with a comment. Maybe even join her group.
Until we're back, EVERYONE have a HAPPY NEW YEARS and I miss you all!