Friday, December 02, 2005

Hard Working 'Restricted' Pit Bull

I rely on Shasta for so much. One of them is shopping. No matter the weather, she is always ready to help me.
Today we had to go to the mall to buy my daughter, Danielle her birthday present for tomorrow. Going wasn't so bad and all Shasta needs now is some pants, hat and scarf and she's ready for the winter.
One thing I find with the metal muzzles, is the snow clings to them and I'm constantly wiping it off.
Going to the mall was easy as you can see. Sun was shining. The snow had stopped.

Coming home from the mall was a totally different matter. A snow squall had begun and the wind and snow where against us all the way.
Under all the slow was a big patch of ice that I happened to find and slid with feet up in the air right on my tail bone. It took me awhile to get up and I'm still in pain. That's winter for you.
By the time we came home, there were no tracks from us previously leaving and the snow plows were just arriving as the roads were covered again.
None of the sidewalks were plowed either before or after the blizzard and they say they will stop by tomorrow (but when is the weather man ever right?) That made it hard treking through snow up to my knees, but Shasta continued to pull on as if on a mission.
I wish the government could see the 'good' that the pit bull breeds do rather than what the hear of in the media. I couldn't have this independance without her and wouldn't even try. This is true loyalty from a remarkable dog.


IndyPindy said...

Awwww, Shasta is so adorable in her snow pants, vest and booties! If I could I would send her some of my fur to keep her warm in the snow.

I'm so sorry you fell, that must have really hurt! You poor thing. I hope the pain gets better soon! Big wet Husky kisses. Oh, come to my blog and listen to me talk - I talk to complain because my mom wasn't feeding me fast enough!

Conners said...

I keep thinking every time I get a hair cut I should save my hair and see if I can weave it into pants. Too bad I don't know how. *giggle* The cats shed and that could think? They are white, but white fur bants could be a fashion statement don't you think? LOL
Now don't you be giving your Mom such a haed time. You KNOW she loves you and with all your talent, perhaps it's time you learnt how to feed yourself.
Shasta has done that a couple of time with her dog treats (we call them cookies), along with the cat treats. She got sent into the corner for that one. She knows right from wrong and went there on her own.

Faira said...

Shasta, I just can't get used to that nasty looking muzzel, it spoils the beauty of your picture. I hope that things will change for the better one day, and you can get people to open their eyes to the truth!! Jengibe, has dedicated a poem for you and other sweet dogs of your breed ... at this Christmas season, on our Blog. She hopes that you will like her gift to you "Shasta" because she knows she would not like to wear that ugly muzzle everywhere, just because a few of her breed do not have your sweet disposition.

JuliaR said...

That’s one thing about Labradors - they don’t need no pants! But the salt sure is hard on the paws. Sorry about your tailbone - I did that in 1997 and it took me three years to recover properly.

Sam I Am said...

Wow Shasta looks so pretty in her get up.What fun she is having .You got lots of snow.:)

M-Fax said...

I used to live in London and I do not miss the amount of snow!

cute pics

come visit Bosco!
I will blog roll you too

have a good day

Amstaffie said...

Shasta what a darling you are... helping mommy so much. And you should be in a magazine called Dogs of Fashion with all your snow clothes on!

Conners said...

Faira, what a heart felt poem, but you know, they DO cry, You can hear it in the wimpers and especially the sad eyes.
Julia we really have to watch the salt here too. So many people aren't aware of what the salt does to their pads. I'd rather be safe then sorry.
There's some new product out for dogs that you put it on the dogs feet, like an invisable glove and that prevents the salt or anything else harmful from coming in contact with your dogs feet.
Sam I Am and Andee, when Shasta goes out SHE makes a STATEMENT! *giggle* And that's a positive thing for the Pit bulls. This is just the BEGINNING of our winter Sam I AM...there will be plenty more snow to come!!! LOL

m-fax, awww come on...once you lived in the snow bank, it's hard not to miss it once you've moved away. We moved to Burlington, Ont. for 6 years and there was a cold chill ALL THE TIME and always ice, but barely any snow. I missed London and it's winters sooo much that I HAD to move back.
Lots of snow yes, but not with that bitter cold that Burlington got from Lake Ontario. That was TOO cold!!!! brrrr....
You probably have noticed but I added you and Bosco too on both my blog and website.