Sunday, December 18, 2005

Not what Training Lessons are for...but hey!

No! I know this wasn't what Don's theory and training was meant for, but still, I couldn't resist.
First I started off with just a tiny bone as you can see. I made her balance it until I removed it and gave it to her as her reward.

As she advanced, I decided to try a larger one and here is the pic of it.

I can't say her heart was really into it as you can see from the expression on her face, but she did do it regardless. She probably knows, "Oh NO! That camera thing pointing at me and then she's going to expose me on the net for all the other dogs to see." Does she know me well or not!
If this works for something silly like this, then I'm sure it will work for all the hard work we have before us after New Years. If not, we can always stick to bones. LOL


HanktheDog said...

Amazing what some of us will do for a treat. I can identify.

IndyPindy said...

Shasta, you poor thing! The trick is to pretend that you don't understand what your mom wants you to do. As a Siberian Husky, I know how to avoid ridiculous tricks like this. My mom has tried to teach me this exact trick. However, I pretend that I don't understand what I'm supposed to do. As soon as she lets go of my muzzle, I immediately go cross eyed staring at the treat and move my heard forward and watch it fall to the ground. Mom thinks it's cute and funny. And that way I don't demean myself my performing such a silly trick!

You already know this trick, but keep these tips in mind for future reference!

Oh...too mom already has a digital camera.

Conners said...

Hank, Shasta told me to add you to my links, so I checked you out and you are a pretty wise Lab with lots of grear information.
Indy, Shasta knows better than fool with her Mommy! She has a lot of traning to do, and if she can't do the little things, we won't learn the big things.
Because of the Banning here in Ontario, she MUST pass this Good Neighbour Course and although you and all your friends, including Shasta, It's important that she does even the things that you wonderful creatures think is silly.
Shasta HAS to know who is Alpha (monmy)in this house or we just won't pass.
We have to show the big bad liberal, Michael Bryant that as mean and vicious as he thinks Shasta's breed is...HE IS WRONG!
Shasta might not be found of some of these 'silly tricks', but the end result could mean her not having to wear a muzzle again and to be able to socialise just like the rest of you.
Be kind to me, I'm not tryng to make fun of her, but to help her. I LOVE her very MUCH!
You Mommy got the digital? HURRAY!!!

Amstaffie said...

Woah Shasta!!! Cool trick... when my mommy tries to put the treat on my snout, my nose automatically goes up, I don't know why. I can't help it, it just does. Mommy doesn't think I'll ever be able to do it.


Conners said...

You know what Storm? Mommy could NEVER get me to do this trick as often as she's tied. But with this new training method, I think I'm going to do a lot more things that both Shasta and I never expected.
This course is for ALL dogs, but because of how the Pit bulls are getting the shaft, Don wants to make this course available to all Pit bull owners in Ontario because of the government and the new law.
Of course if he ever read this post and saw how I was testing his new method, I'm not sure if he would laugh, cry or just shrug his shoulders and say, "At least she is trying it on simple (but silly things) first.
But we have also been using this method the way he wants us to, too and I must say it WORKS!
Besides Storm, is balancing a dog treat on your nose REALLY important? You do so many fantastic and wonderful things as you are. Balancing a bone is not Shasta's favorite thing to do, but helping me and keeping me happy and making my life easier is. You already do that for Mommy, so dom't worry about the bone.
And if it is THAT important for Mommy to teach you this silly trick, have her email me and I will tell her the therory behind it. *giggle*
Loe Auntie Conners

Faira said...

I saw this trick on one of those funny pet video shows. Only when the treat was placed on the dogs nose he flipped it in the air and caught it coming back down. It was really cute. It was a few years back and I still remember it!
Now you will have to work on that Shasta! At least you'd get a snack out of this nonsence, LOL!