Sunday, December 11, 2005

Let's make a PIT BULL a WINNER!!!

Canadian Tire is a GIANT retail outlets with thousands of stores right across Canada and they are putting on a Christmas photo contest. Who better to win, but a Pit bull! Would that not put a positive image of the Pit bulls across Canda. The picture would be displayed in all the stores. The winner wins heaps of money, but to me this is for the positive image of the Pit bull breeds.
Here's the picture.
I don't know the person, but I sure know the breed and what a better way to help them. You can vote once a day, each day until December 16th. Tell your friends to vote too. Lets get a Pit bull on display EVERY WHERE here in Canada!!!

And you can find the site here.
And incase you forget the number to look for, it's OON2052
Let's do it to bring the Pit bulls back in a positive light again.
UPDATE: I just found out that if this picture wins $2000.00 is going towards the legal challenge of the BSL. $1000.00 is going towards the SPCA.
So now we have even MORE reason to vote.


IndyPindy said...

That's great! I voted for this picture! I also feel for this poor dog...come to my blog and see a picture of me wearing antlers!

Conners said...

*giggle* I thought about antlers for Shasta, but it's just not her style. A beautiful silky collar with bells on it is more to her liking. Sounds nice too. LOL
Hey! I think antlers are better than muzzles don't you? LOL

IndyPindy said...

Pssst - tell Storm that Kayna is just a friend!

Conners said...

Silly's Shasta. You are getting your women mixed up!!!! tsk tsk

Amstaffie said...

I saw that!!! *giggle*


PS: I voted too!

Conners said...

Thanks for the votes. I hope she wins as it will help our cause and she only made it in for the deadline, so it's a vote everyday with as many people that can.
Well, I've got a little surprise for Indy for my next post. It amazed me to no end and the whole time I thought of Indy. But if I say, I will spoil the post, so you will have to wait and see for when I write it. *giggle*