Monday, December 05, 2005

OH! The PAIN of it ALL!

*sigh* It would be so nice to go through a Christmas without breaking something, so you're not in all the pain of preparing for it. That last fall I took on the ice was worse than I suspected. Every day the pain was worse that finally today I went to the hospital...and it takes a lot to get me to go to one.
Sure enough, I fractured my tail bone and badly bruised and inflammed all around the whole area. The doctor told me I should take up drinking as the only other thing he could do for me is prescribe me pain medication and told me to buy one of those donut things to sit on.
He told me if I were lucky the it would heal within 8 weeks, but doubts it, and says I'm looking more at 16 weeks.
I asked why my back and sided hurt so much when I didn't land on there and he said the inflammation and pain is radiating to all those area's.
Not only is sitting a PAIN, but so is standing and walking. He said the problem is I don't have any meat on my body to protect itself and already living with chronic pain, this just enhanses what I already have. Yet can I get Shasta serviced? NO! least I still haven't received a reply back by my one and only hope.
I needed to go out of town for one night and couldn't take Shasta. It really seemed strange not having her with me and by my side, and man did I MISS HER!
I asked my daughter if she would take her for the night. She had only moved to her new place just over a month now and someone saw my son-in-law walking her (fully muzzled and on her leash) and she received a complaint saying that if she owned a Pit bull, she would either have to move or get rid of her dog. They do not allow Pit bulls there! She said she was only babysitting her for a night for her Mom, but that's discrimination as we have a law that landlords can not evict you due to having animals unless the pet is doing a lot of damage.
I will definitely be telling the DLCC about this as Clayton Ruby wants to know what kind of ordeals Pit bull owners are getting since this law passed.
I have been considering moving, but now see that could become an issue. Michael Bryant has really dealth us some hard knocks, yet responsible owners and their dogs have done nothing to break the law. We're still getting the blunt of it regardless and treated unfairly like criminals.
I'm glad that the majority of the general public don't think this way, but it sure is making our lives a living hell by some. I'm going to look into the law and see if it is legal. Hopefully my next post won't be such a pain in the butt!


M-Fax said...

thanks for adding yourself to my map. I could not get into yours for some reason but I will try again.

have a good day

JuliaR said...

Conners, sorry about your tail bone. Not to make you feel worse, but don’t get up false hopes about it “healing” in weeks. Even if the bone knits, it will ache when you go to the bathroom sometimes, if you sit too long, when you have your period, it will ache for the darnedest reasons. For a couple of years. Then one day, you will notice it doesn’t ache any more. That’s when it will be healed. Good luck.

Amstaffie said...

Geesh! Girl you'd better be careful! I've been away way too long, so much has happened.

I do hope your hind-end heals quickly. I had that happen when I was a waaay bit younger, I was jumping a mound of dirt on my bicycle, went straight up in the air, and landed right on my tail bone. OUCH! I never went to the dr. but it sure did hurt!

IndyPindy said...

I'm so sorry about your tail bone, that must be so painful. I'm crossing my fingers that you are able to get Shasta certified as your service dog!

Conners said...

M-Fax, I don't know how I ended up in the States in yours. I wrote London, Ontario, Canada. Here's the Link to Shasta's Frappr She's having fun working on it and having all her friends join her.

Julia, I couldn't BELIEVE the doctor telling me to consider starting to drink. He was serious! He did give me 30 pain killers. WHOOPIE! That might help the pain for almost a week. I've learnt to sit down with my one leg under my cheek and that kind of acts like a donut, but it doesn't stop the pain from standing, climbing steps or hills. Shasta and I are walking very slowly these days, plus with all the snow (and probably ice) I hope I'm not being too cautious.

Andee, I think I did this way long ago too, because it's always been a painful spot to sit right down or lay on it. In my younger days I had to jump out of a truck window while it was traveling about 50 miles per hour on a gravel road.
Course, I was in shock and didn't feel the pain until later.
See all the stuff you miss from being away for awhile?! LOL I hope it was for a 'good' reason. ;)

My sweet Indy, When Shasta saw me take the fall, she was right by my side. Unfortunately, her muzzle kept bumping me because I know she wanted to give me kisses.
The trainer seemed to think by my letter to her that she already has all the training she needs to Service me, but did say the certification was expensive. Usually they use their own dogs, but with the name of the woman that certifies, I'll contact her and even if my family wants to advance me a few Christmas' and birthdays to help, plus maybe my disability pension might pay a percentage. You just keep your toes, ears and tail crossed for me.
*hugs to all of you!!!*