Monday, December 19, 2005

A Christmas Love Letter to Shasta.

Dear Shasta,
Awww were the days when you was just a pup. The joy that you, as a puppy could bring, not worrying about breed at the time. Not thinking way back then, that you would be 'restricted' and on the banned list.
You were and are simply a bundle of joy that came into our lives. Bigger now that you're 3 and smarter too, but the nature you had back then is the same except that you've matured.
This is your very first Christmas ornament and as I hang it on the tree each year, I hang it with pride and joy looking back, not knowing then how you would become my life saver, my Service Dog and my dearest companion.
Merry Christmas sweet Shasta! The Lord brought you into my life when I thought I wasn't ready for a dog. Now I understand and He has given me the greatest blessing. I can't believe that even the law can take away a precious gift that was given to me as a gift from God.
My wish to you is that we can over-turn and make changes to the law, so you can once again run and play with your other doggy friends. That you can walk the streets once more without that aweful muzzle on. That the name Pit bull be cleared up and people can see you and your breeds by yours and their nature. That they see the loyality and love you bring into our lives. To show that you and your breeds are not what the media has protrayed of you, but quite the opposite.
That, my sweey girl is my wish to you. I love you, my dearest Shasta. May we have many more Christmas together.
Love Mommy


LauraLeigh said...

Aww, I am sitting here crying reading your Christmas letter!
That is so sad, but at the same time sweet.
We send our best to you and Shasta! And the warmest wishes and prayers this holiday season. You are in everyone's thoughts for sure! Merry Christmas!

Conners said...

Thank you Laura.
I have many loved ones, but they all have their own life too. Dhasta is the only one by my side and helping me accomplish things, because without her, I would have nobody to pull the sled home or move things that are heavy as I'm not to move above 5 pounds (which I do) and suffer for it for days, sometimes weeks or months.
It may sound like Shasta is the love of my love...and truthfully, as much as I love my family and friends so much, the love I have for her is unsurpassible.
She is my gift from God and I treasure every momnt with her.
She deserved this Christmas love letter even if she can read it herself, but I know she knows how I feel and her love is unconditional to me too.
Merry Christmas to you and your bow wow family and ALL your loved ones.
Now when I say Merry Christmas, I an say it with all my heart.
Thank you for your wonderful and warm comment. I had tears flowing down my cheeks as I wrote it to my "Special Girl".

Amstaffie said...

Shasta truly is a gift from God.

Faira said...

The best things in life often come to us unexpectedly! And give our lives a richness and purpose that is full of rewards of every kind! LOVE unconditional, is there anything better than that! Merry Christmas Shasta!!!!

Faira said...

Oh, and your Mommy to!!!

Conners said...

Shasta and I both wish each of you a Merry Christmas and we definitely are a blessing to each other.
Of course, so is my 22 yr old Cat, Brandy and 11 yr cat Petu and ALL my squirrels and birds that I feed outside as Shasta sits and watches smiling.
Yesterday I had to take my digital card to get 2 pictures along with all the other things on the check-list. Well, I ended up printing out 6. I'll let THEM decide which beautiful pictures they want to keep. *giggle*