Monday, December 12, 2005

Christmas wasn't meant for Pit bull owners!

Think you should report every 'pit bull' you see in Ontario? Think again! Here's what Ontario's Attorney-General said about reporting 'pit bulls' for no reason: "I have no doubt that in the vast majority of cases, the people that are going to be coming before the system are going to be people who've been reported, not just because somebody down the block saw the dog and thought that it was a 'pit bull', but because there's been some dangerous behaviour."- a direct quotation from Ontario Attorney-General, Michael Bryant
Imagine that! Michael Bryant expects his law NOT to be enforced as it is written!-
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But London, Ontario Pit bull owners just received a surprise letter in the mail. I received mine on December the 8th. That's ummm...17 days before Christmas and we must comply before December 31st. I wonder if it's open on Saturdays?
You can view it here, I believe page 7.

The microchipping was mentioned, but we didn't hear anymore on that and thought it was taken off. We have to appear in person to register our dogs and we need documentations from vets.
I asked my vet if he could mail me a copy of Shasta's rabies vacinations and there is no problem. The licensed they are wearing is not proof enough. But when I phoned where I had Shasta spayed in 2003, they told me it would cost me $25.00 for them to send me a copy. More money grab!
We need to take two recent pictures, a head shot and a side view of our dogs. If this isn't done by the end of the month, our dogs can not be registered and therefore not licensed for 2006. We received a check list and needed to get it witnessed and my daughter was nice enough to do that for me. To not be registered in time, means no liceanse and we know what happens to unliceased dogs. Say goodbye to your very best friend and family member in the world forever!
Do we feel we are being victimized? would YOU feel?
While people are out shopping for their loved ones and getting into the holiday spirit, we are running around trying to do whatever the bylaw surprises us with next and shopping? No! We are paying unexpected fees that come from nowhere and without warning.
Tis the season not to be angry...fah lah lah lah lah...lah lah lah lah
But if I'm not then I'm be crying...fah lah lah lah lah...lah lah lah...lah
Shasta! I LOVE you sooo much!!!


Amstaffie said...

That's a bunch of crap. They're just trying to do anything & everything they can to get rid of our dogs.

Conners said...

You know, the general public has been sooo great and no matter where I go with Shasta, they say how unfair this whole law is.
When I tell them about the bylaws too, they are dumb founded. They all agree it should be put on the irrespomsible owners and go and tell their story about some other type of dog, NONE that are Pit bulls in and shape size or form.
Today at the dog park, people could see how friendly Shasta was and asked if they HAD to wear the muzzle, then why could they not run without the leash at least so they can play? Good question, but all I say is it's the law and we are lucky the LDOA faught to at least allow us in the doggy park.
There is such a very low percentage that are for this ban. Everyone agrees that there is a need to prevent the irresponsible owners from owning and teaching their dogs to be vicious.
So if the general public isn't against us, who does that leave? GOVERNMENT! And government says we are going to do this, but municipalities have to find their own way for the revenue it will cost. That's what we faught hard for at City Hall, so it's not all put on the responsible Pit bull owners shoulders because of the irresponsible owners of any type of dog.
We (the pit bull owners) are being treated as criminals and low lives, as far as the city is concerned. Not the staff at the HS or AC, they are just abiding by the rules, which they don't think is justified neither,but the government and city hall make the rules. It seems they want us to suffer so badly that we will eventually give up our dogs because of them pushing us. Sorry, but no amount of pushing will make any responsible and loyal dog owner give up their dog.
I might not be able to afford to buy very many gifts this Christmas and concentrate more on the grand kids with tokens of love to the others, but that's what Christmas is about anyway. Christmas without Shasta would NOT be Christmas at all. The Lord brought her into my life for purpose in the most unexpected way. The govenment isn't going to take away my gift from God!

Sam I Am said...

I am only one, but still I am one.
I cannot do everything, but still I can do something;
and because I cannot do everything,
I will not refuse to do something I can do.
-Edward Everett Hale-

Conners said...

You know sam i am, it's those little verses of inspiration that seems to get you back thinking on track again. I do what I can with what I can. Today was going the same as the others, then all of a sudden, a stranger I met a long time ago that heard my speech at city hall phoned me today. She wanted to help me but not sure how. She thought perhaps she could drive me to get Christmas shopping or groceries, but I told I wasn't in the Christmas spirit and why. Then she knew how she could help me. She told me not to worry about that paper as she would get it for me one way or another. It was her way of saying thank you for speaking up for the sick and disabed that love their pets and NEED their pets as much as they need us. It was unbelievable. Incredible. How she phoned at the right time knowing I needed something,and knowing she was to help, but not knowing what that was until she spoke to me. Hope is only gone from the hopeless. Thank you sooooooo much!!!!

IndyPindy said...

Oh that's terrible. Hitting you with red tape, extra documentation that other dog owners don't have to provide, unexpected fees - and $25 for a copy of vet records is HIGHWAY ROBBERY! Most vets do that for FREE! I wonder if it's even legal for them to charge you money for that?

Well, come check out the photos on my blog...they will cheer you up! I put up pics of my friends from day camp and last night my mom took pictures of me wearing a Santa hat...sigh...

IndyPindy said...

Hi Shasta, I just saw your comment on my blog. That's so cool that Huskies came running up to see you at the dog park! See, most Huskies are good judges of character and they know a nice dog when they meet one!
My mom said that the mean people at her work wouldn't let her use the scanner, so she will have to put the pictures on the puter at my grandma's house.

So is the trainer going to work with your mom so that you can be her assistance dog? I hope so!

Conners said...

Not in this training Indy, although there will be a different way of trainu=ing me because of Mommy and her needs. The trainer did give Mommy a bunch (3 I think) people to contact that are Bullie friendly.
The Husky's were ALL so friendly and I could believe how many there were that day. They didn't mind my muzzle one little bit.
*woof* Shasta
Mybe you Mom can get a digital camera for Christmas if she asks Santa Clause. My Mommy could never live without hers now that she has one even with the scanner that she barely uses anymore. Every time I look she has that silly thing pointing at me, but I don't mind. *giggle*
This silly that work won't let your Mommy use their scanner. Do they expect her to work all the time?! Silly human bosses.