Thursday, December 01, 2005

Some Good News for London Pit Bulls

If you read one of my previous posts, we were told that no Pit bulls or Pit bull types were allowed in the Leash Free Parks, even if muzzled and leashed. Well the London Dog Owners Association LDOA fought it and WON!
Yes, they still have to be muzzled and leashed as required by the provincal law, but it still gives them that chance to socialize with other dogs. My girlfriend is coming for us Monday and to the park we are going.
Shasta will be so excited as she gets so vocal as she sees we are nearing the park. Since I don't allow her to bark unless someone comes to the doors, she talks in her doggie language and it is so comical. She really shows her excitement, so she will LOVE Monday.
It's also shopping day for her. I saw the greatest pair of running shoes that she needs for the summer months when riding together. Only they are a winter item, which doesn't make sence. So I'm getting her the running shoes, plus I want to by her some knee high winter boots.
The boots I bought her last year worked great, but somehow I am missing one boot. If she were a three legged dog, it wouldn't matter, but she can't go around with one bare foot.
As many of the Pit bull breeds that I have seen, I have never seen one with fur as short and smooth as Shasta's. She doesn't even shed, so naturally winters are severe on her and I dress her up for the cold the same as I do myself. She quite the fashion plate and LOVES it!
Since I got her the new cage like muzzle, I have not had one single negative comment from anyone. If anything, she gets even MORE positive attention than before if you can believe that to be possible.
Because of the muzzle, people come up to her and say what a shame a sweet girl like her has to wear that horrible thing.
She doesn't mind this muzzle. She can eat small treats I put through it, drink water, pant and laugh and naturally vocalize when I need to tie her out while I run into the store.
The funny part is she sits so pretty and obiedent as I go into the store, but stats when I'm out of sight. I can even hear her crying for me, but as she spots me coming out, there she sits as if she never moved or made a sound. People kill themselves laughing and when I ask her if she was good and she tries to reassure me, they laugh and tell me she puts on a real act. I wink and tell them I know as I could hear her in the store. Silly girl!
Still no word from the trainer that I was hoping to have her trained and certified for my Service Dog, but I haven't given up as I also haven't received a reply she wouldn't do it. I'm trying to stay positive, but do hope I hear from her soon one way or another. This waiting is not one of my best features as I've been fighting for this since last Sept. I believe.
Well, Shasta's in her nitey and already on her side of the bed waiting for me (actually it's still my side, but she does give me room so we can cuddle).
I just had to share as soome good news is better than NO good news.
Good nite!


pitlover said...

to take a breeds out of all leash free parks then they should take out all breeds. you name any dog and there is an aggerasive on counter with that dog. these dogs are loving and caring dogs. if you have an incounter with a pit and it was bad then that was one dog. that is like saying oh a pootal bit me we need to get them out of every thing they are not wanted. a pootal has just as much biting ablity as a pit. you have no grounds on what you say. pits are the most threaten breed by HUMANS then anyother breed.

IndyPindy said...

I'm so glad Shasta will be able to go to the park!

Conners said...

PitLover, it wasn't the London Dog Owners Association in which I'm proud to say I am a member of, stating no Pit bulls, but the government and the bylaw of London The LDOA fought city hall over the matter and although the Provincal Law still requires them leashed and muzzled, this is still a big step from being banned completely from the parks.
They may not run and play like the others (and that's still sad), but they do get to be around other dogs and that's good for them for socialization sake. It's still not perfect, but it's better!
I totally agree that ANY dog can show agression, right down to those little ankle biters, poodles, etc. ANY dog!
That's the importance of early socialization of any and all dogs.

Indy, Shasta and Lucy were so vocal that it was hallarious to hear them so excited. Although I never let Shasta off leash or off muzzle, she had the greatest time sniffing and rolling and just meeting other dogs. Funny, but this new muzzle I got her doesn't seem to scare other dogs like the comfort muzzle did. I guess dogs have a different perception than people do. Maybe they just figured it was part of her outfit. *giggle*
It may not be a BIG victory, but a victory no less.

Amstaffie said...

That is so great to know that Shasta can visit the dog park now. Finally, a bit of good news! Maybe that's a turning point! :)

Conners said...

It's a start Andee. As Leanard Cohen says, 'First we take Manhatten, then we take New York!' LOL