Thursday, June 23, 2005

Mr. Pige On has Flown the Coop!

It's a beautiful morning, with the sun shining and Mr. Pige On's wing had mended beautifully. He's been flying around in my cramped little quarters, so I figured he was ready to be released.
It didn't take him long before he was up and away. Both wings strong and flying in the sky. As a precaution, I've left his carrier with food and water out on the patio up on the BBQ if he feels the need to come back... but somehow I doubt that, although a visit here and there would be nice.
What adventures he has to tell all his other pigeon friends that haven't seen him all this time. I'm sure he will exaggerate. LOL
So just to update you, I thought I'd let you all know that he mended nicely and with his mates.
Funny how you nurse something for so long and grow attached. Am I worried about him? Yes, a little, but I don't regret setting him free as he is a wild bird and needs his freedom. He found me one time, so if he feels like it, he will find me again.
Good bye Mr. Pige ON! Good luck!


dorna! said...

I hope he comes back for a visit. :)

Conners said...

Like a child that has first left home, I kept watch for him all day and even checked the carrier last nite. This morning, it was the first thing I did and made sure there was food and water...for just incase of that visit.
I bet he's with all his friends and happy as a bird (pun) but do hope he does stop by for a visit just so I know he made it ok.