Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Shasta's Winter Wonderland Backyard. NOT!

This is our back yard and you would think Shasta would have LOTS of room to run and play. That was before Bill 132 came in. Previous to that, every night around 9PM we would go out with her throwing toys and sticks and have a good ol' time. She got so much exercise and she never left the parameters of the grounds, not even if people or animals were walking.

I was always amazed how close she got to grabbing her outside toys telling me it was time to go play. She was within 10 to 15 minutes, as if she had a built in timer. Never did she not listen to me and run away. it was OUR time and we both enjoyed it.
I had a game I played with her if I was sore and in pain. She may have know, but kept it a secret, but what I would do is pretend to race her to the end of the property. Naturally, I only took 3 pretend running steps and watched her race to the end. Once almost there, I'd quick turn around as if I was running in the other direction and call her, and she would zip right past me. We'd play that game or 1/2 an hour or so and me barely taking steps. LOL
Then there was the throwing. One thing I noticed, was in the dark her eyes were not so keen, but her nose was another story. Oh the fun we had and the needed exercise she got.
But, when Bill 132 was proposed and the media was showing vicious Pit bull attacks on TV, and me living in a 3 story walk-up, although on the ground floor...well, with new neighbours moving in and not knowing Shasta as the old ones did, or nightly play times stopped.
Instead now, I was taking her for walks on her leash, but it wasn't the same. Summer is fine because she can run while I bike, but comes the beautiful winter, which she loves, it's walking and pulling the sled. Most dogs gain weight in the winter, but Shasta loses a little as she loses her muscle tone. We build it back up in the fall once I can bring my bike out once again.
Because my backyard is really a common back area for all the residence (although very few ever use it except Shasta and I)...and also because it isn't surrounded by a 6 to 6 1/2 foot fence, she must be leashed and muzzled at all times to play in our yard. Sad, but true.
Now, this wonderful playland is beautiful to look at, with sweet memories of when Shasta could play like any other dog and the great fun it was. Bitter sweet memories...before she became 'Special' as I call her, but restricted by law.


Katherine said...

That is so sad! I feel bad for her since she has no idea why she can't play off her leash like she used to.

Conners said...

You're right Kathrine. It is sad with all her freedom snatched away from her and the other Pit bull breeds and mixed Pit bull breeds in Ontario.
As you can see in the snow, there are no prints with the exception sometimes squirrel paw prints scampering because I keep them stocked up with peanuts.
Some of the end apartments have been allowed to put up fences, but because I'm not one of the lucky ones, I can't put up a fence for her or I would...even a small area would be better than none.

Amstaffie said...

What a beautiful back yard, but so unfortunate that it can't be enjoyed to the fullest extent.
What a shame.