Thursday, October 02, 2008

Re: pit bull law should be overturned

In the Belleville Intelligencer - Ontario, CA

Re:pit bull law should be overturned
Posted By Susan MacLeod

Thank you for your editorial regarding "pit bull" ban in Ontario.

I wish more individuals would take the time and intelligence to look beyond the lies and manipulation that this ban is based on.

When Michael Bryant and Dalton McGuinty pushed this ban through the system, they decreed this a matter of public safety. Let me assure you that this was never the intention of the legislation.

While over 4000 dogs have been slaughtered under this law, there are many dogs that are still living in Ontario that fall under this crude definition of "pit bullism". Shelters are sending them out of province and this is not a problem with the government. Those who have never owned a pit bull are allowed to adopt one in Ontario...few questions asked.

If pit bulls were such a threat to humanity, then why are we allowed such freedoms with these "ticking time-bombs"? The answer comes down to politics and public perception. Bryant still uses his "pit bull" ban to make him appear as a "get things done" guy.

I prefer my politicians to enact laws that actually improve public safety. It may take more work and more public education, (and less media hype for the politician), but it will eventually work.
Bryant and McGuinty refused to even look at the system for dogs and dog owners in Calgary.
Calgary can truly boast when it comes to their reduction in dog bites and attacks of all breeds. Enacting working laws such as Calgary did would not have given Bryant the same headlines, granted, so it was not in his interest.

Dog lover or not, take the time to educate yourself on how banning a dog by it's appearance does not make you, your children, your neighbours, your pets or anyone else safer as a result.

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