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PM'S a pet lover? Prove it.

Here we have it from the horses...or I mean our Campaign Wannabe's. Doesn't give us much of a choice when it comes to issues that our close to our hearts. This story is from the Ottawa Sun and you can find it at under

PM's a pet lover? Prove it.
Layton has a thing for fish, Dion loves Kyoto and Duceppe's a closet pussycat, but Harper curiously mum on furry friends

If Stephen Harper blows this election, it could be because it all came down to dogs, cats, birds, lizards, and fish.

You don't mess around with pet owners.

You don't show them you have a cold, dismissive heart.

There are hundreds of thousands of voting Canadians who own pets, madly love pets, expect their pets to be loved back, and if Jack Layton, Stephane Dion, Elizabeth May and Gilles Duceppe had a single clue about effective electioneering they'd get the word out across the land on the results of the recent questionnaire put to the leaders by the World Society For The Protection Of Animals (Canada).

Harper's responses in particular.

Harper who owns two cats.

Harper, who needs all the love from voters he can get.

The WSPA asked the leaders 11 questions about animal welfare and what they would do to guarantee the protection of Canada's animals.

Naturally, this matter is forefront in the minds of Canadian voters who, as the economy spirals down the drain, are tossing, turning, and weeping all night long wondering how they're going to be able to afford the next bags of kitty litter, kibble and milk bones. Saying "Eat up, think of all the starving pets in Europe," won't work when there's nothing to eat up.

You can't always discern the character of politicians through how they hold wee-wees-diapered babies, but you can come close through their pet-loving capacities. With that in mind, let's look at the answers to the first two questions in the WSPA survey, also of great interest to shrinks.

(1) Why do animals matter to you?

(2) What have you learned from a pet?


Jack Layton. (1) "Animals are beautiful and awe-inspiring in the wild. They humble me and I consider the extraordinary diversity of life. Olivia and I seek as many opportunities as we can to be close to them, but in contexts where the wilderness is not transgressed."

Never mind the friggin' wild, Layton, get to the humane society -- a homeless chow for your wife Olivia Chow and a Jack Russell terrier for you.

(2) "Unconditional love, although I'm not entirely sure about our fish."

Then try, Layton -- you the "conscience of Canadians" (okay, 19% of them) -- showing you're the "conscience of Canada's animals." Deep-six the dumb fish and buy a homeless dog or cat for that "unconditional love."

Gilles Duceppe. (1) "Animals are living creatures. It's important to respect them and treat them with dignity."

But those living creatures known as the other party leaders? NON.

(2) "Pets are a source of joy. Sadly, I no longer have any pets. We used to have two magnificent cats, but after a few years together, we had to give them to a friend because I had developed allergies." Spare us the boo-hooing, Duceppe -- have you ever heard of a dog, bird, fish, lizard?
Stephane Dion, dog owner.

(1) "I have always seen wildlife as a critical part of our environment, sharing the planet with humankind. My entire life I have been fascinated by animals -- how they survive, how they raise their off-spring, how they interact with nature." Especially that breed of wild animal known as The Harper.


(2) "Pets give us the opportunity to stay in touch with our childhood. Not only are pets fun, but they remind us of important values: Loyalty, courage, vivacity. Most of all it is always great to come home from a full day work and be greeted by the unconditional love of a pet." That, and they don't pick out your underwear.

Elizabeth May, dog, cat owner.

(1) "Animals are important in my life because they've urged me to develop compassion. My family and I have always had dogs. I love having animals around to welcome me home." They urged her to develop compassion? Can't beat those talking dawgs.

(2) "I learned from owning sheep when I was young that animals take care of one another and create relationships of attention and reliance."

Like those bosom-buddy animals, the Greens and the Liberals.

From Stephen Harper. (1) No response. (2) No response. All 11 questions. No response.

Leader Profiles

For finding more indepth information on the answers from the canadates, go to
Harper of course did not respond to any of them as you will see as you check each one.

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