Tuesday, September 23, 2008

OPP discover elaborate indoor marihuana grow op in Apsley

Crime should be dealt with and I will never debate that. Michael Bryant was in charge of cleaning up crime in Ontario while he was Ontario's Health Minister, but had he of put into action with the same exuberance as he did the Ontario Pit bull ban, we might have seen some results. Instead, he was on a mission of ridding the province of the Pit bull breeds. Crime was not a priority on his list as it should have been.

People do crimes and what they use as weapons is secondary. Guns and dogs when used by the wrong people help them with their activities, but they are not the danger. The criminals are.

To ban dogs or guns will not stop the criminals to obtain them illegally and that is a well known fact.

While the average citizen wouldn't have a clue how to get an illegal weapon or train up a dog for the wrong reasons, desperate, greedy money hungry criminals knows the in and outs of obtaining whatever necessary for them to protect their illegal activities with no barriers.

This story in the Toronto Globe and Mail demonstrates to what actions and extents a hard core criminal will go to extremes for their thirst for greed.

My question is why does the average citizens have to suffer by having their sport taken from them or their dogs when they are not used in the wrong hands. Guns and dogs are respected and with dogs, a part of their family no matter the breed.

OPP discover elaborate indoor marihuana grow op in Apsley
Sept. 23 /CNW

On the morning of September 23, 2008, OPP Central - East Drug Enforcement Section (DES) officers, along with OPP Tactical Rescue Unit (TRU), executed a search warrant at 832 Lasswade Road in Apsley.

A male suspect was found to be living in and guarding an indoor marihuana grow house that was fortified. The suspect was also in possession of five long guns and a large quantity of ammunition. One of the shotguns was located near the area where the suspect was sleeping.

Police also seized and destroyed 932 marihuana plants ready for harvesting and processing. The plants, once processed, would have had a street value of $932,000.

This indoor grow op was located just down the street from where police raided a location on September 9, 2008, where a male suspect was found to be living in and guarding a marihuana grow site and in possession of two, loaded 12-gauge shotguns and two pit bull guard dogs.

In that case, OPP destroyed 11,076 marihuana plants worth $11 million dollars.

"This marihuana grow op was located by the OPP Drug Enforcement Section's Central - East Team, based on information received and follow-up observation," said Detective Staff Sergeant Ken Watson, Central DES Program Manager.

Marihuana grow ops continue to be a significant risk to the public and police in Ontario as police are seeing elaborate booby traps intended to kill or maim, along with persons guarding the grow sites both indoor and outdoor armed with loaded firearms.

"With marihuana production being a multi-billion dollar business in North America, groups will go to all extremes to protect their illegal drug activities. There are also groups known as "pot pirates" who will go to all extremes to steal marihuana which makes the situation even more dangerous for the public and law enforcement agencies," adds Watson.

OPP Drug Enforcement Section continues to be vigilant in investigating marihuana grow ops due to the dangers they pose to police and public safety.

"Our drug enforcement members are very aware of the dangers associated with marihuana grows," said Detective Staff Sergeant Ken Watson.

Police also seized $5,600 cash, a 2006 Honda Accord and approximately $20,000 in grow equipment. The OPP have arrested a male suspect in his early 30's, who is being held at the Peterborough County OPP Detachment until a bail hearing is scheduled. - The investigation is continuing and an update will be forthcoming when available.

For further information: Acting Detective Staff Sergeant Ken Watson,
Program Manager, Central - Drug Enforcement Section,
Phone: Office: (705) 735-4750, Cell: (705) 790-1990

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