Monday, September 22, 2008

When is Freedom of Speech not upheld in Canada

Canadians are proud that they are a country to express their views openly and honestly without any discrimination or back lash from government or the police. We don't fear jail, torture or any injustices as some other countries do.

Personally, I've never given this freedom much mind unless I hear how men and women have been jailed and on death row due to speaking out in battle torn countries, where they must take care to what they say. Fearful people ready to be shot or hung because they disagree openly against their leaders and laws. They build an underground railroad ready to fight and die to make changes...but not in Canada. We are the land of the I thought.

I've built this blog to express my opinions and beliefs about BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) and why I believe it to be wrong. I put the blame on Michael Bryant, who didn't care about statistics and educational advice from experts in the fields. His sole purpose was to make Ontario a province of the Pit bull breeds extinction and has spoken and encouraged with his faulty logic to other countries and provinces to do the same. Him, Dalton McGuinty and the Liberal Party banned together when they held the most seats in Parliament and ruled in the ban making it the very first of it's kind in North America, while the other parties apposed it and stated there were other options that could be considered. The majority won of course and millions of innocent dogs fell to their death. Murdered without cause all because of breed.

You must wonder, she's told us all this already and what does this have to do with freedom of speech?

After a lengthy illness and not seeming to pull myself out of it, in August my brother and Mom decided to kidnap myself, Shasta and even my cat, Enok to give me a time to totally relax without any real responsibilities other than day to day living. It took me a good week to finally let go and just enjoy myself. We went camping, fishing, (though I confess I didn't catch anything), but it was relaxing, beautiful and the bombardment of raccoons, exciting.

Back at Mom's, it was shopping if we wanted or just looking around. If I felt like staying in, I did that too. Shasta made friends with the dogs that came out every day at the same time of night and I loved watching her enjoy herself even though she was the only one leashed and muzzled. Before our holidays, I felt guilty that she was all work and no play, so to watch her finally have fun socializing gave me a feeling of gratitude.

We didn't return home until September, but even then Mom stayed here for three weeks with me and I really enjoyed our company together. Even though we got a lot accomplished with my apartment, it didn't seem like work with the three of us working together, Shasta included.

During this time, I decided to get on my Facebook and let all know I was back and what I had done, but to my surprise my Facebook was closed down due to offending the Liberal party, especially during an up-coming election.

It takes a lot to get kicked out of Facebook. I know this as I wanted Facebook to warn a young female teenager that was posing sexily with her full name, address and telephone number the dangers of lurkers and sex addicts. I couldn't because she didn't do anything wrong as to the rules of Facebook. It had to be specifically directed towards me in order for me to place any kind of complaint or warning for them to even look into.

My freedom of speech on Facebook was dismantled without warning. I never received a warning and with a blink of an eye, I was gone.

It makes me grin that I, 5 foot 0 inches, 90 pounds, disabled woman, am a threat to the Liberals that they would find me and have me gone all because of my views. That what I speak on could possible make a difference in the election that they needed to silence me in a venue such as Facebook.

I wonder, perhaps it's time for Shasta to join the Facebook world and express herself. What do you think?! ;)


The Girl said...

This is outrageous!!!!

Is the Liberal party afraid of a little itty bitty pit bull? What nonsense!

As a fellow Canadian, I am outraged and will be sending an angry email to facebook!

The Girl said...

Was your facebook group Ban the Pit Bull Ban? I was a member!

(I should know anyway, so I can be righteous in my indignation when I write facebook...)

Conners said...

I was in many of the Groups including the Ban the Pit bull Ban.
I'm not sure how to send an email to Facebook now that I am no longer on it or believe me I would have.
I hope you have more luck than me.
GOOD LUCK and let me know how it goes!