Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rambo still out as court upholds pit bull ban

The biggest crime coming from the Liberal government in OnScario is not only murdering innocent dogs (of all breeds of dogs they label as Pit bulls), but the lack of socialation which is very important to raising friendly dogs.

Our new Ontario, Attorney General Chris Bentley is copy catting the exact words that all Liberal voice. Do they not have opinions of their own or do they all use the exact wording as what Michael Bryant says.

Ontario has turned into a dictatorship province and no longer for the people. Their primary function is to ban as much as possible rather than looking for working solutions.

We and the other parties gave them a workable solution, but they hold tight to their faulty reasoning and won't bundge from it. It's a matter of control and power, not fairness and certainly not what 70% of what Ontarians want.

Rambo still out as court upholds pit bull ban
By: Julia Le
October 25, 2008

Rambo won't be returning from Nova Scotia to his former Mississauga home any time soon.

Rambo the pit bull-cross had to leave the province or face euthanasia under the Ontario pit bull ban. An appeal court has upheld the ban.

In a ruling yesterday, an appeal court is upholding the provincial ban on pit bull breeds.

Rambo, a 10-month-old pit bull cross, captured the city's attention after being caught running at large last Christmas day. After a court battle to prevent him from being euthanized under the ban, owner Gabriela Nowakowska agreed to ship him to a province that doesn't have the ban.

The Ontario Court of Appeal said the ban on pit bulls, which was enacted in 2005, does not violate any constitutional rights. The judges said the total ban on pit bulls is not 'arbitrary' or 'grossly disproportionate'.

"Pit bulls have a tendency to be unpredictable and that even apparently docile pit bulls may attack without warning or provocation," they said in their decision.

Lawyer Clayton Ruby, who challenged the law in March 2007, said it was a "sad day" in Ontario.
In a statement he said these kind, loving, gentle dogs are being killed in the province for no reason.

"The provincial government should focus their efforts and resources on identifying truly dangerous dogs rather than apprehending and killing dogs that pose no threat at all," said Ruby, who is considering an appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Ontario Attorney General Chris Bentley however, said he believes upholding the legislation is important in keeping Ontarians safe.