Sunday, November 23, 2008

Health Dept. looking for white, tan pit bull

This was in the Mansfield News Journal. I wonder if the woman knows her breeds of dogs, or is she just assuming it's a Pit bull...or by discribing it, did the Health Department come to this conclusion? After all, if it bit, it must be a Pit bull. Other dogs don't seem to bite.

Health Dept. looking for white, tan pit bull

The Mansfield/Ontario/ Richland County Health Department is looking for a dog who bit a 26-year-old woman. The white and tan pit bull was last seen Nov. 15 near Circle K on Lexington Avenue.

Report any dog that fits this description to the health department at 419-774-4500. If it is observed running loose, it is best to call the dog pound at 419-774-5892. Do not attempt to restrain it.

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