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Mayor's husband faces multiple charges after two vehicle collisions

London's Major Anne Marie DeCicco-Best is very outspoken when it comes to woman abuse. I contacted her through email to tell her my story and how a very special dog named Shasta gave me back my life again and how. I then told her Shasta was one of the Pit bull breeds banned here in Ontario.

I was trying to explain that it's not the breed, but the owners of dogs that should be responsible and London's by-law was too severe that not only are they following the provincial law exactly, but have also included that you may NOT bring your Pit bull breed into London, Ontario unless you purchase a London Pit bull license for your visit.

If you are unfamiliar with this bylaw, ACC can take your dog from you and we all know what happens to the Bullie breeds once they go into ACC. Basically, your dog now has a life sentence on it and you can be fined up to $10,000 and/or up to 6 months in jail.

Once the major heard I had an APBT, she replied in a very cold manner that she was very sorry to hear about my past and glad that I had moved forward, but her views on Pit bulls were still the same.

Well Mrs. DeCicco-Best, more drunk drivers kill people than all dogs breeds put together, let alone the Pit bull breeds. Why is there not a ban on drunk drivers? Why are you not responsible for your husbands actions, just as owners of the Pit bull breeds are fully responsible that the Pit bull breeds are not entitled to make any mistakes as other breeds of dogs are?

Why did your husband Tim not have to spend the night in the drunk tank like other drunken people brought into custody? How did he get the privilege to be released until his hearing? Does City Hall pull strings for their own, but not for the rest of London's citizens and who ARE the council staff suppose to be working for? If your answer isn't for the citizens of London, you still aren't getting it.

I had to fight you, City Hall and ACC just to have Shasta recognized as a certified service dog in London for a couple of years even after she was legally certified.

You may be humiliated for your husbands actions and I'm sure strings will be pulled so your name and his will be pulled out of the muck very soon. You and the rest of London's staffers put my mind, body and health into complete stress and pain while I had to fight you for something that proved was already mine.

I hope MAD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) rake you and Tim over the coals just as you did me and you both pay the price severely.

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Mayor's husband faces multiple charges after two vehicle collisions
Febuary 2, 2009

The husband of London Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best is facing several charges after police say the SUV he was driving was involved in two collisions near Dorchester, Saturday (Jan. 31).

Timothy Best, 47, who married London's mayor in 2006 and is the owner of the downtown London establishment Friday Knight Lights, has been charged with failure to remain at the scene of an accident causing bodily harm, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, impaired operation of a motor vehicle causing bodily harm and two related charges.

At around 7 p.m., Middlesex OPP received reports of a Chevrolet Avalanche involved in not one, but two collisions: the first on Highway 401 near Putnam Road and the second on Dorchester Road.

The 40-year-old female driver of the first vehicle struck was transported to hospital with what police described as non life-threatening injuries. No other injuries occurred as a result of the collisions.

Police said the SUV was traveling west on the 401 when it struck a vehicle and continued driving, fleeing the scene.

Residents in the area followed the fleeing SUV and watched as it struck a second vehicle on Dorchester Road, police said.

The driver exited the vehicle and proceeded to flee on foot, but was tracked by police and arrested without incident. One officer suffered minor injuries during the pursuit, police said.

Best was released from custody and is scheduled to appear in a London court on March 24.

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