Thursday, December 18, 2008

Animals in Canada need your help more than ever!

Animals in Canada need your help more than ever!

Many of you may have signed previous Animal Cruelty Petitions and may remember our last Canada wide Stop Animal Cruelty C-373 Petition presented to Parliament which garnered 111,896 sig’s!

To date, well over 150,000 sig’s have been gathered and yet the Gov’t continues to ignore our wishes!

C-373 had the support of ALL NDP, most LIB’s, Bloc and Green. Only the Conservatives went against what in recent polls approx 90% of Cdns support and have been asking for, effective animal cruelty legislation!

After many previous letters to constituents stating the opposite, the Conserv ALL voted for useless S-203 which we asked them NOT to support in lieu of effective C-373.

With our new Govt about to get back to work, it’s more important now than ever to let them know we’re not settling for a placebo Bill like S-203 and that we will cont to fight for effective legislation based on C-373!

Again we were so close to passing these much needed changes after more than a century of wasted time and debates! Everytime an election is called or Parliament is prorogued, ALL Bills are dropped and we have no choice but to start over!

Please know that we and animals all across Canada appreciate your support on past petitions, but once again due these events in our Govt we need your help!

Thousands more animals have recently suffered due to Parliaments inaction, when will it be enough!? Our voices have to be louder than ever to get these much needed changes so please help how you can!

Please Print this NEW Petition!

Gather as many sig’s as you can and return to address on bottom by June 30/09! THANK YOU!

Can’t sign the paper petition? Then try the online version found here..

PLEASE NOTE! Paper and ink petitions are way more effective and carry much more weight in the House of Commons! The online petition is in support of the legal paper petition so that our animal friends from around the world can also have their voices heard!

Canadian residents over 18, please be sure to print, sign and send in paper petition as well if at all possible!

Don't forget to write, call or email your MP! More info here..

Letters to editors help also and are a great way to spread awareness! More info can be seen here..

Wordpress- Stop Animal Cruelty in Canada

Facebook group- Stop Animal Cruelty in Canada with Bill C-373

Facebook cause- Stop animal cruelty in Canada with effective legislation!

Please help protect animals in Canada from neglect and abuse by taking a moment to have your voices heard!

Please help spread the word and pass this message and petition/rally info on! We need all your support to get this done! Thanx for supporting effective animal cruelty legislation in Canada!

Daisy-Duke, dog who was beaten with a shovel, had legs and mouth duct-taped, put in a bag, tied 2 a rope, towed behind vehicle and left for dead before she was finally found and euthanized.

Please attend IMPORTANT animal cruelty protest in Didsbury- Wed Dec 17th!!

REMINDER! There is a VERY IMPORTANT RALLY happening on Dec 17th!
9:30am - 12:00pm
Didsbury Courthouse
1611 - 15 Ave
Didsbury, AB

This is the last and final protest against Haskett! This case has been going on for almost 2 1/2 yrs and Haskett will finally be sentenced. His friend previously received probation and a spank for his part in Daisy-Duke's death.

She was beaten with a shovel, had legs and mouth duct-taped, put in a bag, tied to a rope and towed around Didsbury until she fell off. A young girl found her, called the vet, and she was immediately euthanized.

Haskett better get the max for this horrific death of the family dog, which sadly, will probably be a slap.

We need EVERYONE to attend if possible on Wed Dec 17th in Didsbury!

We need to NOT let this dog be forgotten and show why we need these laws in place! If people were actually punished for these terrible acts, perhaps they would be deterred, esp before they start on human crimes!

It's goin to be cold, about -15, so dress warm and bring all your friends who agree that animal cruelty needs to be prevented w effective legislation! Please attend this very important last court date and have your voices heard! We need to make sure the Govt doesnt forget again- why we need animal cruelty laws that work!!

This will also be the official NEW petition launch, a variety of animal groups will be there and we hope you are too!! We need a big rally to help spread awareness on the issue to the public, show the Govt we're not giving up even though they do, and at the same time, hopefully media will help us get the word out about the new petition, update people on what happened with the last Canada wide one and why we need your help again!!


Media please contact:

Heather McClure Anderson (D.A.I.S.Y. Foundation) 403-475-0120

Tamara Chaney (Stop Animal Cruelty w C-373 Daisy-Duke Petition Initiator) 403-335-8152

Paula James (Stop Animal Cruelty in Canada with Bill C-373/effective legislation) 403-928-5369


Paula said...

Thanx 4 helping 2 spread the word about the new petition and latest on the animal cruelty Bills!
Please go to the sites 4 more info on this case. Haskett's sentence was 30 days in jail(weekends), 40 hrs comm.serv, and 1 yr probation where he has 2 B in between 9pm and 6 am. No fine. So he'll get well rested and life will go on as always as he hangs out at home w the new family dog. Please help spread the word everyone! Would be great 2 double the last petition! The Govt can't ignore it's people 4ever! Thanx 4 the support everyone!
And hopin this BS BSL is over in the New Year also! Keep up the fight! Great job! (Hi 2 Shasta!)

Conners said...

Paula, you have my support in this most needed Bill. You know it. Others know it, but government refuses to accept it and gives us a banned aid bill instead that didn't work in the past, so why believe it will work now.
As far as Haskett, it doesn't surprise me he got of with barely a slap on the wrist for his vicious attack and cruelty to such a sweet dog.
After all, they release mass child murders out of jail to live amongst more girls because she served her time in jail (if you want to call it that!) Having birthday partys with cake and a large room to throw it in doesn't sound like jail to me. And again that was the Liberal government that made that deal with her. Very typical!
I would have written more, but my computer went on the fritz and I had to send my tower to HP in California to be fixed before Christmas and only got it returned.
The government WILL ignore us forever unless we make a lot of noise. That way they CAN'T ignore us!!!
Shasta gives licks and wiggle butts.