Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Did a Pit Bull or a Person Cause this Child's Death

Not enough, but it's becoming more in the open that peoples eyes are finally seeing things as they are, rather what is assumed.

With the Pit bull frenzie, it was easy to blame the dogs, especially in the name of murder. You've heard me say often that there were too many questions, that by simply blaming the dog just didn't make sense.

Well, here's a turn around. It might have taken all this time, but the truth is finally starting to come out at the expense of the girl and the dog.

Did a Pit Bull or a Person Cause this Child's Death
Editor: Greg Owen
Firm: Owen, Patterson & Owen
January 29, 2008
By Greg Owen

Category: Wrongful Death
Sharon, a seven-year-old Kingston girl, was found dead in the basement of her family home a decade ago. She had suffered more than 80 wounds and part of her scalp was torn from her head. Eventually, the child bled to death.The cause Sharon's death is what has experts and police alike at raising questions.

The cause of death given by the family of the victim was a pit bull attack. However, one of Ontario's top forensic expert, Dr. Robert Wood, is not buying it. He still believes that a dog attack is not the only explanation for the death. Yesterday, he gave testimony rejecting the opinions of other experts who concluded that the dog attack caused all of Sharon's injures and indeed her death.

Both Woods and the police are much more inclined to believe that some of the 80 wounds on the child were stab wounds. Particularly a wound to her neck. "I would like someone to explain to me ... how that could be made by a dog's tooth," said Woods. It is interesting to note that a man by the name of Gordon Strowbridge, was in the house at the time Sharon died and he was convicted of a brutal stabbing murder in Nova Scotia after Sharon's death.

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